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Golden Key Spotlight: Marisa Duong

Golden Key Spotlight: Marisa Duong

By Connor Simpson Marisa Duong joined Golden Key in 2017 after discovering the society through her Bachelor of Philosophy degree coordinator. Marisa was seeking the opportunity to develop her academic career and explore fields of research that interested her. After learning more about Golden Key’s […]

How to reach our Human Potential with Stephanie Woollard

How to reach our Human Potential with Stephanie Woollard

At age 22, Stephanie Woollard founded the organisation Seven Women after meeting seven disabled women working in a tin shed in Kathmandu. Despite facing harsh discrimination, these women were working hard to make a living. With her last $200, Stephanie paid a trainer to teach the women […]

Finding a New Normal with Amy McWilliam

Finding a New Normal with Amy McWilliam

Covid-19 has impacted many things, including the office landscape. The pandemic has demonstrated to employers that many roles can now be performed remotely which has impacted the future of work flexibility.

Finding a New Normal with Amy McWilliam explores how individuals can adapt to working remotely by establishing firm but fair boundaries with employers and family to maintain productivity and well-being.

Amy McWilliam is a Registered Psychologist, with a Masters in Organisational Psychology and over 15 years’ experience consulting to some of the world’s most prestigious organisations in relation to their people and culture.

Amy says that a recent study shows due to the pandemic some changes that may occur in the future includes an increase in individuals working from home, and more data collected relating to employer productivity. However, she acknowledges working from home can be a stressful situation for many who are not used to this environment.

“Self-care is really important right now. With the pandemic there are increased rates of stress and depression for people and what we know is that not all stress is created equal,” she says.

“There are some levels of stress that actually have a positive effect on our body and on our well being, and our productivity. Good stress can keep us motivated, it can make us healthier.”

The ideal level of stress changes for each individual, Amy explains, but a ‘medium’ level of stress can keep individuals fit, healthy, confident, satisfied and more. However, when you enter ‘high’ levels of stress your work is impacted, and an individual can grow depressed and worn out.

“When it comes to the benefits and challenges of working remotely, everything can be thought of on a spectrum, and where you sit on that spectrum is really dependent on your personality, and things like your environment,” Amy says.

Amy’s webinar details the struggles of working from home but also the benefits. It provides helpful tips for those working remotely, such as how to choose a dedicated work space, and how to increase productivity.

“A lot of people find that their morning commute really helps them wake up and feel ready for work… When you’re working from home, you need to be comfortable but do some of the things you would do when preparing to go into the office. Set your alarm, make coffee, get dressed.”

For those new to working remotely, this webinar is a must watch filled with informative and helpful advice which comes directly from a registered psychologist. You can view the full recording of Amy’s webinar on our Golden Key YouTube channel.

Leading a successful organisational transformation with Samantha Wilkinson

Leading a successful organisational transformation with Samantha Wilkinson

Transformation in the workplace can be difficult to achieve for many organisations, due to the many unknown impacts it may have on a business. However, there is a way to navigate the complex transformation landscape. Samantha Wilkinson, an executive-level Human Resources professional, with a blend […]

Get connected with LinkedIn with Pratishtha Purohit

Get connected with LinkedIn with Pratishtha Purohit

Are you new to LinkedIn? Do you want to learn how to optimise the opportunities this platform offers? GK Asia-Pacific recently presented two LinkedIn orientated webinars, both of which saw host Pratishtha Purohit show members how to begin and improve their LinkedIn journey. Pratishtha is […]

Golden Key Spotlight– Kitty Hoi Yan Wong

Golden Key Spotlight– Kitty Hoi Yan Wong

Golden Key strives to encourage its members in three aspects: Academics, Leadership and Service. Kitty Hoi Yan Wong, a Golden Key member since 2017, perfectly encapsulates the values of Golden Key, and her work in Community Service has proved truly impactful to her local community.

Kitty Wong is the Community Service Officer for the University of South Australia Golden Key committee and has become an integral, hardworking member since she first joined the group in 2018.

Throughout her journey at Golden Key, she has successfully led multiple community engagement projects such as Daffodil Day for Cancer Council, Christmas Books and Toy Appeals with the Smith Family and has been a critical reason for the success of TEDxUniSA 2019, an event run entirely by students to share ideas and innovations with the world.

Kitty says since joining as the UniSA Golden Key Community Service Officer she has helped make Daffodil Day, Christmas appeals and TEDxUniSA annual projects the UniSA committee takes part in.

“These are basically the three events that I am mainly involved in, but of course, as a committee member, I help out with other events that are run by our group,” Kitty says.

Kitty was first interested in becoming the Community Service officer because she is motivated by the feeling of doing something meaningful and contributing back to the community.

“I want to help run these community service projects because I think volunteering is a core part of my values. I like to volunteer for the community and Golden Key is a great platform to help me explore these amazing opportunities.”

As well as her work on the GK Committee, Kitty is also a passionate community leader, who is a first aider of St. John Ambulance. This as well, as all her hard work in multiple community service events led to her being ‘highly commended’ for the South Australia International Student Award – Community Engagement in 2018, and the winner of said award in 2019.

Kitty says she is honoured to receive this award and was surprised to have been recognised in such a way.

“Receiving this award to me, feels like my hard work for 2018 and 2019 has been recognised. By receiving this award, I have the opportunity to share my story and share my values with other people, other international students, other local students in Adelaide,” she says.

“I think the most I get out of having this award, is I am able to share my stories and values and experiences with other students and be a motivation for them to step up.”

“If I can give the advice to any students, if you start at University, if you have the opportunity to be involved with Golden Key, just do it. What is important is you need to be involved. There is so many opportunities for you.

“If you have the opportunity, just step out and catch it. Step out of your comfort zone and just put up your hands for everything that is in front of you.”


The Canadian Golden Key Leadership Summit, also known as CANCON, was held in Montreal this year February 23-25, at the Marriott Chateau Champlain.

Golden Key's Executive Director Brad Rainey Reflects on 40 Years of Golden Key

Brad Rainey, Golden Key’s Executive Director, Reflects on What Golden Key Has Become in 40 Years . . . and What Its Future Holds.

Why Honor Societies Have Admissions Requirements

Why Honor Societies Have Admissions Requirements

admissions photo

Have you been invited to join Golden Key International Honour Society? Or would you like to join?

The first thing you need to know is that admission is available to only the top 15% of college and university sophomores, juniors and seniors, as well as to top-ranked graduate students. What is meant by top 15%? Simply put, this means that you must have achieved a GPA that falls within the top 15% at your institution. Please note that if your GPA is that high, you may also apply to be considered for admission to Golden Key and you don’t have to wait for an invitation.

Why Must You Be in the Top 15%?

If you have been invited to join Golden Key, or if you would like to apply, that might be something you are wondering.

Honor societies like Golden Key have strict admissions requirements to assure that . . .

Membership is instantly recognized as a sign of top academic achievement. If admission requirements were loosened, membership wouldn’t mean as much or say as much about what you have achieved.

Membership continues to serve as a strong credential when you are applying for graduate schools and jobs. When members list Golden Key on their resumes, graduate school applications, online profiles and elsewhere, their membership is recognized as a sign of notable achievement. If admission requirements were loosened, that wouldn’t be the case.

And Remember, Membership Is Only the Beginning

Meaningful opportunities become available to you after you are accepted into Golden Key. Through Golden Key, you can apply for special awards and scholarships, take part in service opportunities, study abroad, connect with other top academic achievers to expand your horizons and advance your academic research . . . and much more.

Your participation in Golden Key programs lets you build on the achievements that qualified you to join. Your membership allows you to leverage your academic success and, in the words of Golden Key’s mission, “Unlock Your Potential.”

An Achievement Worth Working Toward

As you enter college or pursue your undergraduate studies, why not attain and maintain that top GPA that will qualify you for membership in a top honor society? It is an achievement worth working toward. And when you join, new opportunities will be unlocked and waiting for you.

Golden Key International Honour Society Celebrates its Fortieth Anniversary

Golden Key International Honour Society Celebrates its Fortieth Anniversary

Back in 1977, a group of students had a vision for a new kind of campus organization – an honor society that would empower high–achieving students to become future world leaders.