Chapter Toolkit

Are you a chapter lead looking for resources to help you support your members? You’ll find everything you need on this page – just click on the sections below to see a range of downloadable documents and resources:

For your campus events

Click on the items below to access downloadable and printable versions of these posters and handouts to share with your prospective members:

Download Stats Flyer

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Download Coupon Flyer

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Download About GK Flyer

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Download Scholarships Flyer

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Tips for a Successful Information Table


  • Use the Chapter Toolkit (available after logging in at to find resources to assist your chapter in planning for your Membership Drive! Helpful documents include:
    • About Golden Key
    • GK Campus Marketing Plan (The KEY to Marketing)
    • Membership Drive Campus Awareness Checklist
    • Membership Drive Information Form
    • Flyers, handouts, posters, and more!
  • Be prepared: Review the About Golden Key document (available on the Chapter Toolkit) to prepare information table staffers for any questions that may arise. Make sure you bring 3 to 5 copies of this sheet to the information table.
  • Develop a local flyer in addition to the ones provided by HQ to help promote local events specific to your chapter (templates available in the Chapter Toolkit). You can include links to the Golden Key website, your chapter website and the chapter’s Facebook page on the flyer.


  • Provide something at the table to draw students to you – food, giveaways, games, playing a video, photos, slideshow, etc. Information tables should excite and interest visitors.
  • A prospective member attendance sheet is available on the Chapter Toolkit under Membership Drive Resources. Make sure the sign-in sheet is available and visible at the front of the table.
    • Hint: Complete the first line of the sheet as an example to possible visitors to your table.
  • Use a display board to show pictures of the chapter in action. Give visitors an idea of who you are as an organization on campus and all of the amazing things you are doing!


  • The most effective way to reach out and inform potential members about your chapter is to staff the tables with knowledgeable and friendly Golden Key chapter members.
  • Do not leave the table unattended.  Someone must always be available to answer questions and share information with visitors.
  • Staffers should be prepared to answer questions from potential members.
  • Encourage eligible and non-eligible students to fill out the sign in sheet on the table.  This will ensure that you can contact these individuals to assist with upcoming chapter activities.
  • Have FUN! Enjoy great conversations and make connections with prospective members.



  • MAYBE. Please double check with your Associate Director concerning your chapter’s marketing materials. We want to make sure all information is current. Remember to recycle old materials!

Jumpstarting a Chapter: Helpful Tips for Success

During a chapter’s tenure, many events may happen that will require the chapter to “jumpstart” itself. Events such as a recent chartering, officer transitions or recent member inactivity will potentially warrant opportunities for such a process. Though these may be challenging situations, they also bring about an opportunity to build a stronger foundation for success.

The following plan is a guideline for jumpstarting your chapter. Please feel free to customize this plan according to the needs and characteristics of your campus.

(I.) Establish a Leadership Team

  1. Public Relations—Get the word out about the officer search through campus and membership awareness   
    1. Newsletters
    2. Flyers
    3. Campus publications
    4. Community publications
    5. Email announcement for current officer openings
    6. Facebook updates
    7. GIN announcements
  1. Recruitment
    1. Host information tables during student organization fairs and outside of student unions/centers on campus.
    2. Host an informational meeting to discuss benefits of being a GK officer.
    3. Schedule elections:
      1. Nominate officer and committee candidates.
      2. Ensure extensive advertising of nomination meeting.
      3. Decide when and where elections will be held (short lead-time requires quick elections; longer lead-time allows for a more formal process).
    4. Hold elections & publicize as time allows.
    5. Invite prospective members to service events, socials and other chapter events.

Note: If the chapter is not able to recruit a sufficient number of candidates for an effective election, it is acceptable to simply place members in their position of interest.

(II.) Utilize Resources

A. International Headquarters:

a.    Visit the Golden Key website ( and utilize the Chapter Toolkit documents.

b.    Stay in close contact with your AD—he/she will gladly walk you through the jumpstart process and help brainstorm ideas.

  1. Attend a Leadership Summit.

B. Advisor:

    1. Ask him/her for suggestions and ideas. If you do not have an advisor, reach out to the previous advisor and begin the search for a new advisor.

b.   Look for a Co-Advisor or Graduate Advisor to assist with advising.

c.   If your advisor has a long tenure with Golden Key, seek advice on what chapter activities and events were successful in the past (these activities might be a good starting point).

III. Become Active

  1. Organize board meetings:
    1. Establish measurable and realistic goals, including an obtainable Chapter Standards goal.
    2. Establish a sound financial plan.
    3. Schedule dates for general meetings and activities.
    4. Review officer expectations and hold each other accountable throughout the year.
  1. Plan activities—service and social:
    1. Obtain feedback from current members through surveys (i.e. general interest survey at the New Member Recognition Event or an informal email).
    2. Set monthly meetings that allow the attendees to determine the topic for the next meeting.
    3. Arrange for guest speakers. Utilize on-campus VIPs, Honorary Members and alumni for speakers or determine whether these individuals have contacts with other potential speakers.
    4. Network with other Golden Key chapters in the area for ideas.
  1. Participation incentives:

a.   Establish a point system or participation log for members to reward members for active participation in chapter activities and events.

  1. Communication
    1. Create a chapter e-mail account so members can e-mail questions and set up an email group contacting all members (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.).

c.   Hold office hours.

  1. Update chapter’s website:
      1. Include an online newsletter, meeting minutes and calendar of events.
  2. Ensure that all chapter events are added to Golden Key website in a timely manner.
  3. Become active on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.

IV. Carry on the Tradition

  1. Plan activities that involve all members, as well as Honorary Members and potentially campus VIPs.
    1. Plan an effective officer election and transition process, including ensuring that all updated Officer Profile Forms are submitted to Headquarters.
    2. Invest in the chapter’s future by implementing a first-year student recognition event.
    3. Seek campus and Society recognition.
    4. Work with your AD to stay informed and in touch with International Headquarters.

Chapter Officer Roles & Responsibilities

Once your role has been determined, be sure to complete the Online Officer Profile Form to ensure you have access to all resources.

If you do not have a position filled, please ensure the responsibilities are assumed by another officer.


  • All officer positions report to Chapter President.
  • Assist in organizing, planning, and implementing initiatives to ensure the overall success of the chapter.
  • Work with officers to plan a calendar of activities for the upcoming year.
  • Share and invite chapter advisor(s) to all events.
  • Collaborate with officers to plan and execute membership drive activities
  • Develop a strategic marketing plan for the membership drive and yearly chapter events.
  • Maintain consistent communication with International Headquarter Associate Director.
  • Plan regular Executive Board meetings and provide all officers with an agenda.
  • Plan at least one General Member Meeting per month and provide all attendees with an agenda.
    • This could be working meeting before or after a service, professional development, or networking event.
  • Coordinate the planning and implementation of the New Member Recognition Event (NMRE).
  • Oversee Campus and Community Outreach Director, other officers and the Advisor(s) to select new Honorary Members before the NMRE each year.
  • Delegate tasks to the entire Executive Board and ensure all officers meet the necessary deadlines, Follow-up.
  • Establish and ensure the chapter meets/exceeds Chapter Standards Goal.  Ensure events are listed on the Golden Key website 14-30 days prior to each event. 
  • Encourage the chapter to engage Honorary Members and Alumni consistently throughout the year.
  • Oversee officer transition, with Advisor(s) & Associate Director, to ensure all incoming officers receive adequate training and mentorship.

*Two individuals may serve as CO-PRESIDENT


  • Fulfill President’s duties in the absence of the President and assists President in the completion of duties, as needed.
  • Coordinate officers and committees to promote awareness on campus with key constituencies (members, Honorary Members & campus VIPs, prospective members, etc.) – particularly targeting eligible students during the annual membership drive.
  • Ensure the chapter meets Chapter Standards Goal set by President and Officers.
  • Lead by example for all officers; be on time, present, and active with the chapter’s initiatives.

*Two individuals may serve as CO-VICE PRESIDENT


  • Manage all financial transactions of the chapter with guidance from the Advisor(s).
  • Receive and distribute chapter funds for planned events and service activities.
  • Work with the President and Advisor to prepare an accurate budget for the chapter by November 15.  Use the “Budget Template and Chart of Accounts” document on the Chapter Toolkit.
  • Submit budgets via Chapter Budget Submission Links in the chapter toolkit
  • Review Chapter Credit Card FAQs
  • Report to the chapter and Advisor(s) at least once a month regarding the financial status.
  • Complete Accounting Reports as required by International Headquarters.
  • Plan and execute fundraising events for summit attendance, chapter funding, and to raise money for service organizations.
  • Request funding from the University for Planned Chapter Initiatives and Leadership Summits.
  • Ensure chapter is remains in good standing on campus and with Headquarters regarding chapter finances.


  • Record and prepare the minutes of each executive board and chapter meeting to distribute to chapter leaders, Advisor(s) and International Headquarter Associate Director.
  • Promote meetings and activities to the membership and campus-at-large.
  • Prepare and deliver the New Member Recognition Event invitations to Honorary Members, Administrators and Faculty.
  • Send Advisor and Officer Profile Forms when new officers and Advisors begin terms and any time contact information changes.
  • Compose and send any chapter correspondence to university administrators and faculty, members, Honorary Members, alumni, campus student organizations, etc.
  • In the absence of a Public Relations Director, serve as chapter archivist by taking pictures and documenting all events.
  • Create and edit chapter newsletter/blog at least once per semester/term. 
  • Write and/or solicit articles/topics for the chapter’s newsletter/blog.
  • Ensure distribution of the newsletter/blog to members, faculty, staff, Honorary Members, Alumni and your Associate Director.
  • Work with Webmaster to ensure website content stays updated.


  • Coordinate and implement a first-year student recognition program or year-long campaign focused on making first-year students aware of Golden Key’s opportunities. This could be in the form of a mentorship program or volunteering with the Orientation office.
  • Promote Golden Key opportunities to non-members through information and advertising (i.e. reserve spaces for student organization fairs, post flyers in residence halls, host informational sessions, plan prospective member events).
  • Brainstorm and execute unique ideas to increase membership (themed membership drive week, present in classes, etc.).
  • Work with Advisor(s) to send an email to prospective members inviting them to upcoming events, introduction to chapter leaders and upcoming information tables/sessions.
  • Visit student organization office to learn all ways to Market/Advance your chapter on campus.


  • Plan ahead and execute community service activities.  All information can be found within the Chapter Toolkit. 
  • Plan and coordinate one (or more) general service activity throughout the year.
  • Coordinate a service committee and call committee meetings, as necessary.
  • Ensure all service activities are met for Chapter Standards Goal.


  • Network and partner with other student organizations for various programs, socials, and activities.
  • Engage community leaders and alumni on a consistent basis for fundraising, networking, and speaking at Chapter meetings/events. (See chapter toolkit for resources and ideas). 
  • Consistently work on increasing the campus awareness of Golden Key.
  • Collaborate with Membership Recruitment Director to increase awareness around the membership drive.
  • Prepare and send chapter updates to Honorary Members and alumni at least twice per year.
  • Lead selection process for new Honorary Member search. Complete the Online Honorary Member Profile Form. This form must be completed four weeks prior to New Member Recognition Event for production of certificates.
    • Prepare and send invitations for the New Member Recognition Event and other events to Honorary Members, VIP campus administrators and alumni.
    • Plan and coordinate at least one Honorary Member activity per semester/term (Honorary Member Luncheon, Wine & Cheese Social, guest speakers, etc.).
    • Coordinate updating Honorary Member contact information with HQ (who is no longer at university, email address changes, names, etc.) Send updated list to your Associate Director within the first six weeks of the start of the fall semester.
  • Serve as the contact person for encouraging alumni involvement with the chapter.
  • Collect new contact information from alumni and non-campus email addresses from graduating seniors to help keep them connected to the society.


  • Coordinate all publicity for chapter activities and events.
  • Maintain good relations with campus and local newspapers and radio stations. Set up interviews, as needed.
  • Place advertisements and public service announcements in local media.
  • Write and submit press releases for important chapter activities.
  • Explore any creative methods of advertising or publicity to increase awareness about Golden Key.
  • Notify your Associate Director of major events, achievements, and awards taking place on campus.
  • Oversee the completion of activity reports and semi-annual reports.
  • Obtain and organize important chapter documents for the chapter’s future reference. This includes training materials and contact information.
  • Take pictures to include on the local chapter’s independent website, Facebook Page or in local publicity materials.
  • Update and maintain the Chapter’s website via
  • Ensure that your chapter’s information is correct and current on the Chapter Directory Page of
  • Maintain chapter’s Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Instagram and/or any other social networking sites you choose.  Contact your Associate Director for further information. 
  • Coordinate with other Directors to ensure awareness of all aspects of the chapter.


  • Investigate sources of local funding and coordinate activities.  (Food donations for chapter meetings or NMREs, Corporate Sponsorship of NMREs, Spirit Nights at local restaurants, Grad Flowers, etc.).
  • Fundraise for SPARK a Change initiative.
  • Work with Better World Books (or the like) to host a successful book drive each semester.
  • Recruit fundraising volunteers from the chapter.
  • Work with Treasurer to establish fundraising goals


  • Coordinate and implement chapter professional development activities.
  • Promote additional on campus and in the community professional development activities.
  • Encourage professional connections between the local chapter and on campus and in the community professionals.
  • Research other on-campus organizations to partner with to develop a speaker series/intellectual development series.
  • Promote additional on campus and in the community learning initiatives.


  • Host information session for new members.
  • Invite new members to join the planning committee for any upcoming events.
  • Introduce chapter leaders to new members via Social Media outlets, email or at events.
  • Encourage chapter leaders to reach out to new members. 
  • Create mentorship program for current and new members.
  • Add new members to the Facebook Fan Page, Chapter’s website and other list servs.
  • Connect new members with available leadership positions within the Chapter.
  • Assist in the coordination of the New Member Recognition Event.  Ensure there is time for the new members to network with others, chapter leaders, honorary members, etc.


  • Serve as a committee member to one of the officers listed above. 
  • Assist generally with the chapter events and initiatives.

General information about the Chapter Scholarship program


  • Most U.S. chapters will have $500 available to allocate annually (January 1, 2019 – October 1, 2019).
  • Deadline to submit the request form is October 1, 2019.
  • Once Golden Key receives your form and verifies the request, the requestor will receive an email confirming receipt and requesting any missing information (if applicable). 
  • After a complete form is submitted, the scholarship check(s) will be mailed to the scholarship winner(s) or to the chapter to hand out to the winner(s) whichever is specified on the form.
  • Checks must be issued in no less than $100 increments and no exceptions.

When do I have to submit my chapter’s request by?

The deadline to request 2019 chapter scholarship funding from GK HQ is October 1, 2019.

Who do I submit the request to?

The completed Chapter Scholarship Request Form must be submitted to on or before the deadline (10/1/19) date. Late requests will NOT be accepted.

Does the $500 in chapter scholarships automatically get deposited in our ComData/iconnectdata account?

No. Golden Key Headquarters (GK HQ) does not automatically provide the chapter this additional funding.  The scholarship monies are released to the winner(s) once the chapter successfully requests them on the winners’ behalf from GK HQ using the scholarship request form which should be submitted via email as an attachment to  You must have one authorizing signature on the chapter scholarship request form from an officer or advisor of the chapter (Advisor or President, etc.). 

What does our form have to have in order to be complete?
The form must have one advisor or officer’s signature (see form instructions for who is authorized to sign), university/college name, answers to the questions, names
and GKID number of winner(s) and amounts to be distribution to each winner.

What happens once Golden Key Headquarters has received our chapter’s request?
Once Golden Key receives your form and verifies the request, the requestor will receive an email confirming receipt and requesting any missing information.  After a successfully completed form is submitted, the scholarship check(s) will be mailed to the scholarship winner(s) or to the chapter to hand out to the winner(s) within 2-4 weeks. 

Can our chapter scholarship funds be deposited directly into our ComData/iconnectdata account?
No.  Chapters can mail the checks directly to the recipient or to the local chapter advisor if they are awarding at a later time (ex. New Member Recognition Event).

What if our chapter wants to award more than $500?

Anything more than the allocated chapter scholarship amount from GK HQ must be funded by the chapter. Please the Scholarship support team directly at and they will guide you through the process.

Golden Key Headquarters

Attention:  Scholarships

1040 Crown Pointe Parkway, Suite 900

Atlanta, GA 30338

Do we have to award the scholarships to Golden Key members?

Yes.  All local chapter scholarships must be awarded to current Golden Key members (a current member would be a member that is currently enrolled in classes at the time of the scholarship award submission).  Golden Key alumni and non-members are ineligible.

What if our chapter did not request our funds from previous years?

Requests for funds from previous years are not able to be fulfilled. Once the deadline date has passed, funds can no longer be requested.

Can we just issue the funds locally and then be reimbursed by Golden Key Headquarters?
No.  You must follow the process of filling out the local chapter scholarship request form and submit before 10/1/19.  A chapter should never issue scholarship funds locally without Headquarters’ assistance and if done they will not be reimbursed.

We can’t remember if we requested funds or not—how do we know?
You can simply email  We will let you know if your chapter has or has not requested your funds yet and how many dollars you have left to request for the 2019 calendar year.

Can we award less than $100 to Golden Key members? 
No, unfortunately you must award the scholarships in at least $100 increments.  As long as each request is $100 or more, we can begin to process the request.

Some general guidance for creating your Chapter Scholarship program:

  • Chapter scholarships should be truly reflective of the goals, values and mission of the Society, university/college and chapter.
  • Stated scholarship criteria should be able to be reasonably met by applicants every year.
  • Be transparent in the selection of scholarships as determined by your chapter.
  • Be accountable and allow reasonable access by all qualified candidates when planning, administering and advertising your scholarship program.
  • Have the selection process prepared before you announce the deadline and determine how you will distribute and receive application forms.
  • Consider how many applicants there will be and how you can handle the amount of administration required.
  • Use a non-bias grading committee to score the applicants—such as university officials, honorary members, community leaders, etc.
  • Always review the “Chapter Scholarship Application Packet” on the Chapter Toolkit for further help and assistance in developing a comprehensive scholarship program at your local chapter!

The 50 Top Tips About Advising a Golden Key Chapter

  1. Motivate officers to “engage” the chapter members.
  2. Respond to emails in a timely manner.
  3. Make appointments for AD to meet with Honorary Members when they visit your chapter.
  4. Send thank you notes to local supporters.
  5. Encourage students to apply for university funding opportunities.
  6. Request chapter’s annual chapter scholarship funds from HQ.
  7. Help your chapter with online reporting.
  8. Have one-on-one meetings with your officers.
  9. Visit the HQ website for ideas and resources.
  10. Encourage students to apply for GK HQ scholarships.
  11. Know who the corporate sponsors are.
  12. Have icebreakers ideas for meetings and presentations.
  13. Reach out to other organization advisors on campus.
  14. Wear your GK pin to prominent campus events.
  15. Include GK insignia in your office.
  16. Recommend keynote speakers and Honorary Members for New Member Recognition Event.
  17. Make the New Member Recognition Event enjoyable and fun for everyone.
  18. Participate in Make A Difference Day and/or Global Youth Service Day.
  19. Send good news updates to HQ.
  20. Smile, being a part of Golden Key is fun and rewarding!
  21. Submit your Advisor Profile Form when you begin your term and if/when there is a change (name, title, address, etc.)
  22. Know your role as the Advisor.
  23. Know the role of each officer.
  24. Turn in prospective member list by HQ deadline.
  25. Serve as a GK ambassador on your campus.
  26. Network with local vendors.
  27. Have a connection with the Registrar’s office.
  28. Know your Honorary Members.
  29. View relevant GK webinars.
  30. Encourage students to attend Summit.
  31. Communicate with your AD.
  32. Know your resources (AD, CoA, CoSM, HQ, ILC, website, other advisors, etc.)
  33. Attend chapter activities.
  34. Attend regional and/or international summit.
  35. Participate in membership drive activities.
  36. Oversee chapter finances.
  37. Review materials from past Advisor(s).
  38. Attend meetings.
  39. Be positive.
  40. Network with other GK Advisors.
  41. Be accessible to the students.
  42. Adhere to campus policies and procedures.
  43. Oversee annual officer elections/transitions.
  44. Ensure all current leaders complete and submit an Officer Profile Form.
  45. Assist with fundraising activities.
  46. Encourage officers to participate in campus leadership programs.
  47. Help officers set goals for the chapters.
  48. Send e-cards on birthdays to your officers.
  49. Encourage your officers to submit workshop proposals for GK Summits.
  50. Write down your own goals and objectives for your Golden Key role.
  51. Promote a supportive team environment.

Officer Resources

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