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Spotlights - Member stories

Golden Key Spotlight: Claire Baxter

It’s not uncommon for students to take a study abroad year. It’s just that I was 37 when I took mine. I completed my first bachelor’s degree in 2001, joining Golden Key at that time, and then completed a second bachelor’s degree part-time by distance

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Golden Key Spotlight: Gabriele Angelo Ciminelli

Aloha. My full name is Gabriele Angelo Ciminelli and it has given people enormous trouble over the years! Though it might be a name that sounds like it is from the renaissance era, I can assure you I do love my name. To make things happier

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Golden Key Spotlight: Rakin Hasan

Tapping into your network is a valuable tool for any working professional and Rakin Hasan is the perfect example of how rewarding networking can be. A Golden Key Alumni, former President of the Macquarie University chapter, and currently a Senior Analyst in the Technology &

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Spotlights - Member stories

Golden Key Spotlight: Ryan Kungl

As the sole Founder and Director of Clinics For Kids (CFK), I am proud to have grown CFK to include more than 20 professionals and health students. This includes researchers, doctors, medical students, dentists, dental students, optometrists, and nurses, including 4 Aboriginal Australian members. At

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GK Scholarships 2021: Jingyi He

Golden Key is happy to introduce Jingyi He, one of Golden Key’s 2021 Undergrad Achievement Award winners. Jingyi is from Edmonton, Alberta, studying for a Bachelor in Nursing Honours at the University of Alberta and will graduate in June of 2023. “I have always been

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GK Scholarships 2021: Jackie Libon

Golden Key is happy to introduce Jackie Libon, one of Golden Key’s 2021 Undergrad Achievement Award winners. Jackie is studying a Bachelor of Science in the Honors Nursing program at the University of Alberta. “I am delighted to accept the 2021 Undergraduate Achievement Award with

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GK Scholarships: Svetlozar Miloshev

Golden Key is excited to introduce Svetlozar Miloshev, one of Golden Key’s 2020 Professional Development Award winners. Svetlozar graduated Magna Cum Laude and earned his BS in International Management and Marketing in 2012, and his M.B.A. from the University of Massachusetts Boston in 2016. Additionally,

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