Golden Key Spotlight: Hassana Bashir Yakasai

Golden Key Spotlight: Hassana Bashir Yakasai

We love taking a moment to shine a light on the amazing things our members are doing around the world. Today, we’d like to share with you the story of Dr. Hassana Bashir Yakasai, a committed member of the Walden University Golden Key chapter. Here she explains in her own words what being part of Golden Key has meant to her:

“I am a PhD public Health online student at Walden University,” says Dr. Bashir Yakasai. “I have been a Golden Key International Honour Society member since January 2015. I have been the Chief Medical Officer in charge of the HIV unit of my hospital for 10 years in Nigeria. My involvement in Golden Key has impacted positively on my leadership role as the head of my unit.

“I served the role of Director Social Event and Media of the Walden University Chapter of Golden Key 2017-2018. I gained a lot of experience in the use of ICT while performing my role as Director Social Event and Media. The application of which is still ongoing in various aspects of my life, both academic and personal life.

“I am always thinking of what to give back to my community to improve the lives of others”

“I also served as a General Committee Member for the year 2018 – 2019. This position was unique because I found myself serving in various positions which was quite interesting and educative. As a member of Golden Key International Honours Society I had the opportunity to present my first international paper at the leadership summit in south Africa 2018. It was an exciting experience.

“Golden key has also afforded me the opportunity to interact and link up with colleagues in various parts of the world. I am glad to be a part of Golden Key International Honour Society. Because of my experience in Golden Key, I am always thinking of what to give back to my community to improve the lives of others.”

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