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Golden Key Spotlight: Jessica King

Golden Key Spotlight: Jessica King

When we think of our teachers, we often think of kind, passionate joy-bringers, but you realize teachers represent so much more than that when you think beyond the surface level. Teachers are strong people. One of these strong teachers is Jessica King.  Jessica earned her […]

Golden Key Spotlight: Dr. Eurika Mogane

Golden Key Spotlight: Dr. Eurika Mogane

Rarely in life do things go as we plan them, but the way we choose to react to those changes is what truly defines us. Dr. Eurika Mogane’s outlook on life and the challenges she has faced are exemplary of how to respond when life […]

Golden Key Spotlight: Hemlata Karki

Golden Key Spotlight: Hemlata Karki

Two of the most integral parts of our childhood learning experience are our mothers and teachers. They influence the way we see the world, process information and shape our futures. One of these great influencers is Hemlata Karki, mother, teacher and warrior for gender equity.

Hemlata has been a teacher since 2000. Thanks to the Australia Award Scholarship, she earned her master’s degree in education from the University of Adelaide at the beginning of this year. She has been a member of Golden Key since 2020. 

“The most significant part of my education in Australia was not having to write examinations as a part of learning assessments,” says Hemlata. “This approach allowed me to explore my creativity and innovation, whereby my understanding horizon was further expanded. I could use my knowledge in real-life situations.”

As Hemlata was studying during the pandemic, she was able to spend more time with her family. 

“The COVID pandemic impacted me positively as I could spend more time meaningfully with my children at home,” Hemlata reveals. “We understood each other better, and we developed a positive and healthy relationship.” 

The pandemic served as a type of blessing for Hemlata and many women worldwide, who often find themselves balancing motherhood and their career. 

“As a woman, I had challenges balancing my professional and personal life; however, support from my husband and other family members enables me to navigate the two,” says Hemlata. 

In addition to being a mother and teacher, Hemlata is a passionate advocate for gender equity and incorporates this passion into her teaching.

“I advocate and dedicate my profession to gender equity because I believe it is crucial towards any kind of development,” says Hemlata.

She uses many different platforms to encourage gender equity and raise awareness of the issue. 

“One of the platforms that I use is celebrating International Women’s Day in my school where I not only involve girl students and female teachers but the boy students and male teachers,” says Hemlata.

Hemlata actively volunteers in her community for the betterment of gender equity. 

“I work as a volunteer in the community to advocate and render social and legal support to the victims of domestic violence who are usually women,” says Hemlata. “I have also attended two different forums in Australia related to women leadership and gender equity, Newday Leadership Summit in Adelaide, South Australia and Australia Award -South and West Asia Scholar Forum in Canberra. I shall continue to push forward my lifelong goal of gender equality, taking insights gotten from such learning experiences.”

Golden Key Spotlight: Steven Jeffrey

Golden Key Spotlight: Steven Jeffrey

Sometimes in life you meet extraordinary people, and when you do, you can’t miss them. They have a passion for thriving and are relentless in the pursuit of their goals. Steven Jeffrey is one of these extraordinary people.  Steven has been presented with a barrage […]

Get ahead with a graduate degree in 2021

Get ahead with a graduate degree in 2021

The beginning of the year is always the perfect time to set new personal and professional goals! Take your career to the next level by starting your graduate degree in 2021. A graduate degree can earn you a higher salary, help you move up in your current career or even change careers. […]

10 things you should do during a job interview

10 things you should do during a job interview

When it comes to job interviews, many of us don’t have a clear idea about – “what to do during an interview?” We do not know how to behave during a job interview, how to dress up for one, and how to crack the meanest, trickiest interview questions so that the interviewer gets impressed easily. 

Practically speaking, there is nothing called a guaranteed formula that will get you the job. But there are some tricks and things to do which ease up the interview process for you and increase your chances of success. 

So, without wasting time and words, let’s have a look at those things:

a) Do proper research

You should learn as much as possible about a company’s services, products, customers, and the competition before going for a job interview there. You may search about them in places such as LinkedIn, Facebook, company websites, and public review websites. 

When the interviewers notice that you have a decent knowledge about their company, it will help you to make an impression in their minds. It will also help you to apply for the perfect job.

b) Prepare interview answers

Interviewers may ask you different generic questions such as ‘Tell me about yourself.’ or ‘How did you find out about us?’. Answer them with confidence and highlight your skills. Give a clear explanation of why you are the most suitable person to get the job.

Some common interview questions are given below:

  • Tell us about yourself
  • What are your greatest strengths?
  • What are your greatest weaknesses?
  • How did you know about our company?
  • Why do you want to work for our company?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • How much work experience do you have?
  • Why did you leave your last job?
  • Can you lead a team? How will you do that?

c) Dress accordingly

If you want to make an impression during a job interview, you must dress professionally. You should wear business attire, if the role is an office job. Suits, shirts, trousers, proper boots for men and a nice dress or a pantsuit for women is a must. Do not wear casual dresses or clothes with vibrant colors. 

You must also maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness during a job interview. Hair and nails should be properly maintained. Men must be clean shaved and women must be made up properly – although, of course, loud makeup should be avoided.

d) Treat the interviewer respectfully

It is one of the most important things that you should maintain during a job interview. Give the proper respect to the interviewers who are conducting your interview. The interview will notice your behavior and ask you interview questions accordingly. So, it is wise to treat them respectfully and build a positive impression.

e) Don’t show up empty-handed

It’s a good idea to carry the following items with you to job interviews:

  • Pen and notepad
  • Photo ID, etc.
  • Several copies of your resume
  • Portfolio/work samples
  • References 
  • Certificates achieved from your previous jobs

f) Don’t be late

Arrive early to the interview place at least 15 minutes before the set start time. Being late can make a bad impression on the interviewer’s mind and negatively affect your chances. Use those extra minutes to brush up your answers, and prepare yourself for the interview.

g) Listen first, then answer

Don’t interrupt when the interviewer is speaking. Always let them speak first, and then you can answer. And when you do, you should answer while maintaining good eye contact, and with a clear voice.

h) Keep your cell phone silent

You should keep your phone on a silent mode, and do not attend any calls or messages during the interview. If you do that, the interviewer might get irritated and insulted.

i) Speak positively about your former employers

Do not express any negativity or anger about your old employer during the interview. You might have left your old job due to some mismanagement in your previous company. But it is unwise to express such bitter feelings and aggression in your current job interview. It may create a negative impression about you which might be bad for your future job.

j) End on the right note

It is important to give interview answers with confidence and truthfulness. Latest but not least, always thank your interviewer after the interview is done. If you end on a positive note, it might increase your chances against the other candidates.


Author’s Bio:
Patricia Sanders is a professional content developer and a regular contributor to debtconsolidationcare. She specializes in the financial niche and is well known for her unique and effective financial tips. To get in touch with her and to get your queries answered, feel free to email at

Golden Key Spotlight: Taylor LaChapelle

Golden Key Spotlight: Taylor LaChapelle

We’re pleased to share this story by GK member Taylor LaChapelle from University of Wisconsin-La Crosse: “In November 2019, I was able to travel to Dubai, UAE for the Open World Powerlifting Championships. I missed a week of classes, but jetlag helped me out that […]

How to make the most of your Golden Key Honour Society Lifetime Membership

How to make the most of your Golden Key Honour Society Lifetime Membership

Joining the Golden Key International Honour Society means opening the door to a whole world of opportunities. There is a HUGE range of scholarships, partner benefits, events, and career development resources available to ALL Golden Key members – so we strongly recommend you step up […]

Golden Key Spotlight: Issa Kabeer

Golden Key Spotlight: Issa Kabeer

Issa Kabeer is on a hero’s journey.  A graduate student in Diversity Leadership at Temple University, he used to shy away from campus activities before joining Golden Key. Now, Issa sparks the flame within us to become greater versions of ourselves.  As co-president of his local Golden Key chapter and a member of the school’s student parliament, he motivates his fellow students to participate in AIDS walks and literacy programs.  When Issa’s on your team, everyone wins.

Issa dreams of becoming a U.S. ambassador and is inspired by the historic peace-making efforts of the Camp David Accords.  He took time out from GK’s Asia-Pacific leadership summit in Australia to share three surprisingly powerful ways to lead:

Listen and Connect.  

As a chaplain and campus leader, Issa is often the peacemaker.  He says, “Conflicts happen because people don’t listen to each other. Leadership is not focused on being better than someone, but on being present with someone.”  

By listening to what people say, asking questions, and caring about their opinions, you become their champion.  The results are worth the journey!

Flesh out the details.

Working on legislation in the student government taught Issa to target the specifics. His fellow leaders liked his proposal for suggestion boxes where students could share their ideas for change on campus, but they needed the nitty-gritty details. “They want to know where we can put these boxes, who’s going to make them,” he explained. 

An idea is good, but coming up with a step-by-step plan to implement it is the key!

Follow your hero’s journey.

Issa lights up when he shares his excitement about being an ambassador for Golden Key. Through travel grants from GK he has connected with a global family of friends at GK’s leadership summits.  Issa loves to talk about Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey and how it applies to everyone from college students to Harry Potter.  “It’s worth it to go out of your comfort zone. Because that’s the only way you’re going to succeed and make it.”

Take risks.  Go out of your way to meet people who aren’t like yourself.  Challenge yourself to go on your own hero’s journey!

Golden Key Spotlight: Esaivani Moodley

Golden Key Spotlight: Esaivani Moodley

Meet Esaivani Moodley who is a recent graduate from Durban University of Technology where she completed her Bachelor of Health Sciences degree in Diagnostic Sonography. Born and raised in Durban, she has always had a fascination for science and medicine and a deep passion to […]