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How to evoke admiration and interest

How to evoke admiration and interest

How would you like to be more charismatic and inspirational? It’s a tempting thought, but many of us might assume that this sort of intrigue and charm is innate and you have to be born with it to really be able to shine. Not so, […]

6 ways to succeed when starting a new job or internship

6 ways to succeed when starting a new job or internship

No matter where you are in your professional career, your first day at work or an internship can be daunting. Whether you’re at a small startup or a multi-nation corporation, it’s important to be on top of your game and make a good first impression. […]

How to make the most of your Golden Key Honour Society Lifetime Membership

How to make the most of your Golden Key Honour Society Lifetime Membership

Joining the Golden Key International Honour Society means opening the door to a whole world of opportunities. There is a HUGE range of scholarships, partner benefits, events, and career development resources available to ALL Golden Key members – so we strongly recommend you step up and embrace everything that is on offer to you to get the best value from your membership.

Here are five things you need do to get immediate value from your Golden Key Honour Society membership today and for a lifetime:

1) Be part of your local chapter

Engagement in Golden Key Honour Society all begins with your local chapter, and this is where you will find the most immediate support, and opportunities for leadership and service. Get involved with your local chapter and prepare to make some amazing new friends…

2) Get advice with GK Talks

Join our CEO Melissa Leitzell for LIVE Golden Key Talks with impressive leaders from every industry – all passionate about helping Golden Key members continue to achieve at the highest levels. These talks cover topics to support your academic, professional, and personal success – and are FREE and available online (so you can login from anywhere in the world).

3) Know your deadlines + apply for a GK scholarship

We award tens of thousands of dollars every single year to Golden Key Honour Society members around the world through our scholarships and awards. Want to be part of it? All you need to do is apply!

Head to our scholarships page and check out what’s on offer and see which scholarships you qualify for, and then put together the best application you can. Yes, it takes a little bit of effort but, trust us, the rewards make it definitely worthwhile.

4) Follow us and share your story now!

Connect with us on social media! We love being connected to our members on social and being part of your special events, so we can help to recognize your achievements and spotlight your successes. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – share your photos and videos using #yesGK and let us know all the great things you’re doing.

5) Don’t miss a thing - subscribe to our weekly digest

Sign up for our newsletter! The best way to keep in touch with all of the latest news and opportunities being offered by Golden Key Honour Society? Sign up for our newsletter (you can do it here) and keep an eye out for our regular updates.

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How to create a positive mindset

How to create a positive mindset

Lonnie Mitchell is a weightless mind coach who has helped many people in creating positivity and confidence. She wasn’t always the most positive person herself until she found the key to a positive mindset which it helped her grow. A positive mindset is not about […]

A message from our CEO Melissa Leitzell about Black Lives Matter

A message from our CEO Melissa Leitzell about Black Lives Matter

On behalf of Golden Key International Honour Society, and our over 2.5 million members around the world, I wish to express my deep sadness over the senseless and horrible deaths of far too many black lives. Men, women and children of color across the US, […]

The Golden Key Working From Home Survival Guide

The Golden Key Working From Home Survival Guide

There is this idea that working from home is easy. Between being in the comforts of your own home and not having to commute anymore, this might be true. But Bond University assistant professor Libby Sander suggests otherwise in an article about the challenges of working from home. Among them are isolation and loneliness, stress, and distractions at home. So, no, it isn’t entirely a walk in the park.

That’s why you need this survival guide to help you stay productive while working from home… without breaking down either physically or mentally.

  1. Delineate the professional from the personal

Ironically, it’s much easier for work to seep into your personal life when you’re working at home. Wired explains that there’s no distinction as to whether you’re at work or not in work-from-home setups, as both exist “on the same continuum.” Your home is your office, which means it can be hard for you to switch off without specific cues, like clocking out or leaving the office. As a result, you work needlessly long hours, which can lead to fatigue, or worse, burnout. So, set clear boundaries to delineate professional time and personal time. The simplest thing to do is set specific work hours or stick to the work hours prescribed by your employer. Then, log off from all your work-related accounts (i.e., email, Slack, etc.) and shut off everything.

  1. Create the right environment

Last month, we explained to our Golden Key members the importance of creating a good environment in making work-from-home arrangements actually work. Put simply, you’ll need to create a pleasant and effective home office if you want to be productive in this setup. That starts with creating a dedicated work area — ideally a desk with adequate natural light where you can set up your laptop and put all your work supplies. Dressing the part and being professional are also crucial, and that means getting up every day at a reasonable time and then getting dressed in sensible clothing (i.e., not in pajamas and flip-flops). These adjustments are the “little things,” but doing them will positively impact your attitude, and, by extension, your productivity.

  1. Take breaks — your body and mind will thank you for it

One thing that tends to get overlooked, or even ignored, in work-from-home setups is taking a break. That’s mainly due to the lack of cues signaling break times like colleagues heading out for lunch, ‘water-cooler’ chats, etc. Failure to take breaks will mean you will be working long hours without a rest, and it will eventually take a physical and mental toll on you. So, make it a point to truly pause from work. Eat lunch when it’s lunchtime, and grab snacks when it’s snack time. Stand up and have a stretch, or go for a five-minute walk. Take a power nap if you need it, or play a game. In other words, do whatever you need to do to recharge.

  1. If it gets too much — seek professional help

Working from home can cause lots of stress, with a United Nations study of 15 countries finding that 41% of highly mobile employees are stressed out. This is unsurprising considering the aforementioned challenges of isolation, lack of boundaries, and distractions. It is these findings that are changing how specialists in the field, particularly those in higher education, consider mental health and employment. Online psychology professors from Maryville University are pushing the importance of clinical studies to better understand different aspects of human behavior in social contexts. One part of this is the strong connections between a person’s mental health and their ability to work, which has become even more important due to recent events. This connection is being discussed by psychologists, with Dr. Angela Carter and Dr. Cary Cooper advising those who work from home to protect their mental health by connecting with others, shutting off once in a while, and adding a creative pursuit or two to their routine.

Find what works for you

For all the challenges working from home presents, its advantages are undeniable: staying at home, flexibility of schedule, no commutes, and less expenses, among other things. However, the onus is on you to make this setup work, and following the above tips will help you do that. On a final note, it’s crucial that you practice healthy habits, too, like eating healthy, getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, and exercising. These practices will improve your wellbeing, and help you be productive while working from home.

This article was written for Golden Key by Patty Gilmore.

10 reasons why you should join an honor society

10 reasons why you should join an honor society

There are many benefits and reasons why you should join an honor society – and you often hear that being a member can help you in many different areas of your life. However, what exactly are these benefits and how do they help you in […]

How to get the most from LinkedIn as you launch your career

How to get the most from LinkedIn as you launch your career

If you are serious about getting a strong start in your professional life, LinkedIn should be one of your career-building tools. LinkedIn reports that 414 million people are now members. That is a lot of people! They come from all around the world – have […]

Learn to lead in times of crisis with Dr. Joshua Fredenburg

Learn to lead in times of crisis with Dr. Joshua Fredenburg

When times of crisis hit, leadership is key. But how do we lead in times of crisis and how do we create the best outcomes for ourselves and others? In his recent Golden Key Talk, founder and president of the award-winning Circle of Change Leadership Conference Dr. Fredenburg gives us the recipe for leadership in times of crisis.

“If there is any moment where we need leadership and we need people that have a desire to make an impact in the world, we are living in it right this very moment.”

In his Golden Key Talk, Dr. Fredenburg mentions how he had to step up as a leader in a time of crisis when three of his top leaders had to step down in his organization, and how he wanted to give up. It was not until his wife asked him the question “WHY do you do this?” that he had a moment of realization, and gained confidence and motivation back.

“Do not give up…find your WHY and write it down.”

Dr. Fredenburg have created a program that is focused on understanding the fundamentals of resiliency and helps leaders to overcome challenges. This program includes four questions he refers to as LEAD, which must be answered to be able to lead in a time of crisis.

  1. “Are you Leading with the right leadership style?”

Leaders must be effective in times of crisis and only certain people can lead in crisis situations. A great leadership style in a time of crisis entails:

  • Being transformational – being adaptable and lead by good example
  • Being a servant – putting others before yourself
  1. “Are you an Emotionally intelligent leader?”

Leaders must be able to read others and the situations they are in when a crisis hits, because it will determine the outcome. It is therefore important for leaders to:

  • Find their triggers and know how to control them
  • Be empathic and know how to say and do the right thing that leads to a positive result. Be a thermostat and not a thermometer: set the mood and do not just absorb the surroundings
  1. “Are you an Adaptable or Agile leader?”

Leaders must be innovative, focus on solutions, and have the ability to modify and change their methods to reach good results and in order to make the change needed in a time of crisis.

  1. “Have you Developed the right habits in times of crisis”

Leaders must have the right habits, which are repeated behaviors that enable others and oneself to create better results. It determines one’s daily decision-making and has an impact on growth and success. Right habits are therefore crucial in a time of crisis.

Watch the full video now:


This article was written for Golden Key by Julie Poulsen.

Three common mistakes people make when navigating work/life

Three common mistakes people make when navigating work/life

We’re delighted to introduce you to Justin Jones-Fosu from Work Meaningful – he’s a Golden Key alumnus and the founder of Justin Inspires. In the video below, Justin introduces us to three mistakes we as people make when navigating our new work or field of […]