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Golden Key Spotlight: Esaivani Moodley

Golden Key Spotlight: Esaivani Moodley

Meet Esaivani Moodley who is a recent graduate from Durban University of Technology where she completed her Bachelor of Health Sciences degree in Diagnostic Sonography. Born and raised in Durban, she has always had a fascination for science and medicine and a deep passion to make a difference in other people’s life.

Sonography therefore always seemed the perfect choice for Esaivani, because it is in high demand globally. Therefore, by being a sonographer she plays a pivotal role and gets the chance to make a big difference in many people’s lives.

Esaivani, who was a class representative at her university, learned a lot about leadership and how to take affirmative action. She was therefore not afraid when she was told that she was going to manage the ultrasound department all by herself, but instead she knew that being a leader in her class had gotten her prepared for this exact moment. She knows it is definitely true when they say, “whatever that is going on in your life prepares you for the future”.

Esaivani is a firm believer in challenges and she trust the growth that follows when overcoming them. She is currently working far away from home while finishing her Community Service and Internship year at a community health center in Cape Town, South Africa. She says it is a challenge being far away from her family and friends but knowing that she can make a difference in the fight against COVID-19 helps her to keep on persevering.

We had a little chat with Esaivani on how it feels graduating as a Golden Key member:

How does it feel about graduating from Durban University and what is your next step?

“I am absolutely ecstatic about completing my degree because a lot of sacrifices, hard work and late nights were put in. This field is very demanding, one has to constantly be on their feet and open to adapting and the studying never ends. I was upset because graduation was cancelled due to the current pandemic however I am looking forward to celebrating with my family and friends when I do return home. Right now I am navigating my way through my twenties and I do see myself studying further in the future or exploring other avenues in my field.”

What was your favourite part about being a member of Golden Key?

“I was excited when I received my Golden Key invitation precisely because it’s an absolute delight to be recognised for your hard work and also given the opportunity to promote my field of study. There are so many important mainstream courses that many of us don’t have much knowledge about other than the popular career choices. The opportunity to interact and engage with others allows one to expand their circle and just be proactive in life.”

What is your advice to other GK members who have not yet graduated?

“Keep persevering, be consistent and trust me hard work does pay off. A quote that has resonated with me for most of my life is not from a great politician but from a wrestler, who has been my role model ever since I was 6:

A man’s character is not judged after he celebrates a victory but by what he does when his back is against the wall – John Cena.

To the graduate class of 2020/2021: You have all the tools that you need to progress further; your back will be against the wall numerous times but you must believe that you can move forward. Don’t let anything not even a pandemic stop you from reaching the stars. It’s how we react to what is happening around us that’s most important. As millennials we have so much more to do, the work is not done just yet and a platform like Golden Key gives us the opportunity to make an impact on society and improve our lives for the better.”

This article was written for Golden Key by Julie Poulsen.