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Is Golden Key International Honour Society a scam?

Is Golden Key International Honour Society a scam?

We hear this question from time to time: is Golden Key Honour Society a scam? Out of respect for the thousands of amazing Golden Key members across the globe who work hard every day to live up to our pillars of academics, leadership, and service every year, we want to address this head on. And to assure all of our current and future members – Golden Key Honour Society is NOT a scam. Golden Key is 100% real and 100% committed to exceeding member expectations of their lifetime memberships.

1. Our members are 100% REAL

Golden Key Honour Society members are real – and they’re really amazing! Our members are passionate, hard-working, motivated, and totally inspirational. They organise events and service activities, support each other during their studies, give back to their communities, and continue to achieve academic excellence.

2. Our partners are 100% REAL

And they have a genuine interest in offering our members exclusive deals and opportunities to help you get ahead. We carefully select our partners, always with a view to securing the best and most useful deals for our members. And we’re always looking for ways to leverage our partnerships to help you get more value from your membership. 

3. Our events are 100% REAL

They have real value, offer real opportunities to meet real Golden Key Honour Society members from all over the world – and they are really good fun! There are so many fantastic events on offer through Golden Key, ranging from big international events like our upcoming summit in Orlando this July through to regional conferences and countless chapter level events (such as movie nights, community service activities, and member recognition celebrations. The best way to find out what’s happening in your area is to make contact with your local chapter.

4. Our scholarships are 100% REAL

That’s right, we REALLY offer Golden Key Honour Society members access to hundreds of thousands of dollars through amazing scholarships and grants each and every year. In fact, we’ve given over $14M in scholarships since our beginnings.  It might seem too good to be true, but we promise it’s not. 

5. Our invitations are 100% REAL

If you want to know more about the Golden Key International Honour Society, please take a good look around our website and feel free to get in touch with us any time.

Or join our super friendly CEO Melissa Leitzell on Wednesdays at 1:30pm EST for a live webinar where she’ll talk you through how Golden Key works – and you can ask any questions you might have!

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