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Get to know: Gillian Cloete, the Relations Manager at Golden Key

Get to know: Gillian Cloete, the Relations Manager at Golden Key

by Julia Brown
February 6, 2023

Gillian Cloete has been the Relations Manager at Golden Key for over five years. However, she has been involved with the Golden Key Structures for over ten years. Cloete was initially drawn to Golden Key as a member and part of the team because she wanted to be part of a global network focused on excellence and serving the community.

Cloete said she had seen the development of members over the past year and how they have grown and driven themselves to be impactful industry leaders. Witnessing this development firsthand has made her proud to be a part of Golden Key. She explained that she’s inspired by young people making a difference in communities.

“Many young people are focused on becoming social media sensations, making millions, and being better than the next person,” she said. “[However,] when I see exceptional young leaders getting up and giving back, it gives me a sense of inspiration and hope for a better world tomorrow.”

Cloete explained that the best career advice she has ever received was to do something she’s passionate about, and she will never work a day in her life. She said, “as a very passionate individual, this has always stuck with me.”

Cloete said that Dr. Elmie Castleman is the best person she has ever worked with. “She is such a passionate, assertive, and dynamic leader,” she said. “She absolutely loves what she does and strives for excellence every second of every day.”

Cloete explained that a great leader celebrates and helps each team member develop their strengths and talents. She said that a great leader allows teammates to grow as individuals within a team.

Cloete explained that the best skill to have in life is the ability to work interdependently. She said, “this [will] assist in having respect for the different ways people think, learn and process information. Increases self-awareness and appreciation for others.”

Cloete loves all of Golden Key’s benefits and recommends everything on the Golden Key Academy. She said, “it is like a treasure chest of growth and development opportunities.”

She also encourages all new members to participate and constantly push their limits. Cloete said, “you cannot grow when you are in a position of comfort.”

For members looking for a recommendation outside of Golden Key Cloete, the book The 5 am Club by Robin Sharma is recommended.