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Meet the new International Council of Student Leaders (ICSLs)

Meet the new International Council of Student Leaders (ICSLs)

With the new school year rapidly approaching, we are very excited to announce our 2020-2021 International Council of Student Leaders (ICSLs). These students have been elected to address the needs of each chapter in the region ranging from implementing new service projects, answer questions from e-board members, and engaging honorary and alumni members in their region.

Shazia Adjumain

“My name is Shazia Adjumain. I’m currently pursuing a Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Honours) on Childhood brain cancer at Monash University, Australia. In the future, I hope to continue my research on to a PhD which will enable me to identify potential therapeutic targets in childhood brain cancer. I was elected as a Golden Key member in 2019 when I was pursuing a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at Deakin University (2016-2019).In the same year I was fortunate to be elected as the President of the Deakin Golden Key chapter and here I am representing the Golden Key Asia Pacific chapters. I’m absolutely thrilled to be a part of the International Council of Student Leaders for 2020-2021. I look forward to serving the society in all aspects to the best of my knowledge and capabilities.”

Sahil Maharaj

“I Sahil Maharaj and I am a 5th year medical student at Nelson R. Mandela School of Medicine (UKZN), in Durban, South Africa. I joined Golden Key in 2017 and served as president for the medical school division in 2019. I have also served on executive committees for other student organizations including the South African Medical Students Association (SAMSA) and UKZN Student Surgical Society. I am currently a research placement at the Centre for the Program of AIDS Research in South Africa (CAPRISA). I have also been involved in volunteer work, most recently of which was a medical mission to provide health care to an underserved community north of Durban. South Africa boasts a wealth of talented individuals. Unfortunately due to socioeconomic circumstances, many are unable to access opportunities to develop their potential. My goal is to help expand access to opportunities to break the cycle of poverty that is so vicious in this country. The Golden Key society is to be lauded for the many benefits it offers to members however, I most appreciate the nurturing environment created for growth and development.”

Sulihat Aloba

“I’m Sulihat Aloba, and I am very excited to be serving a second term as the representative of the International Council of Student Leaders (ICSL) for Region 3. I am from Nigeria, West Africa but came to the United States in 2011 to obtain my bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering at the University of Mississippi. I have been a part of Golden Key since my sophomore year and transferred my membership to Auburn University when I moved for graduate school. I was the chapter president of the Golden Key International Honour Society for two years at Auburn University where I got my master’s degree in chemical engineering. During my role as the president, our chapter recorded its best membership drive in history and obtained the prestigious Key chapter award for the first time in two consecutive years. It has been an amazing experience being a part of Golden Key as I have learned to grow and make decisions as a leader, participate in various service projects which I enjoyed both domestically and internationally, and I have had the opportunity to interact and share ideas with a diverse group of people at summits in beautiful locations. I am privileged to be working as a part of the ICSL for the 2020-2021 academic year and look forward to serving as a resource for members and chapters to realize their full potential through the pillars of Golden Key: Academics, Leadership, and Service.”

Brittany Ladson

“My name is Brittany Ladson and I am a 3rd year medical student at Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine in East Lansing, MI. I will be completing my rotations at Sparrow Hospital. I am hoping to pursue a residency in either emergency medicine or infectious disease. I am also the current president of Golden Key at MSU. My favorite thing about Golden Key is being able to connect with people across the USA and the rest of the world. I love attending international and regional summits to network with others and learn from all the great speakers. I can’t wait to represent my region and meet all the wonderful e-board members in the area.”

Calen Buford

I Calen and I am a student at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. This fall, I will be entering the senior year of my undergraduate degree. My major is Applied and Computational Mathematics, with a minor in Computer Science. Interestingly enough, I have also completed a minor in Visual Arts. Most people would say math and art work in opposition, but I disagree! I am passionate about solving complex problems and creating beautiful things. As such, I currently work as a software engineer for a start-up, helping to build a magnificent online marketplace. As my career progresses, I hope to turn toward executive roles, for I also love building organizations. That is one of things I love about Golden Key so much: as student members, we can forge our chapters and the society at large into something truly great! I look forward to an amazing 2020-2021 year!”

Samantha Brock

I Samantha and I am a graduate student at Texas A&M University-Kingsville where I am studying a Masters of Science of Chemistry. After graduation I plan to be a civilian contractor for the United States Military. Golden Key has opened so many networking opportunities that has led to many inter- and intra- personal skills that will last a lifetime!”

Alexis McKoy

I Alexis and I am a rising senior, psychology major at Morgan State University. I plan on becoming a forensic psychologist who focuses on juveniles and at-risk youth in inner cities. I hope to help unpack the traumas that these youth have faced growing up in an adverse community. I love Golden Key’s commitment to community service, because I love to give back to the less fortunate.”

Lamarcus Jermaine Hall

I’m Lamarcus and I am a doctoral student at Indiana State University. I am also a husband and father to three beautiful children. I enjoy facilitating training, motivational speaking, and research on Black Males. I am also an adjunct professor at Martin University.”

Jessica Newbury

I’m Jessica and I am currently the president and treasurer for the chapter for Flinders University in South Australia, she is studying her final year of a double undergraduate degree Bachelor of Education (middle & secondary) / Bachelor of Science, majoring in biology, chemistry, and mathematics, minoring in forensics and currently undergoing an internship at Reynella East College. At university she has been in various leadership roles over the past few years, including taking part in mentoring first year education and science students, then moving up to mentor the current mentors in this program. Having roles in the club Flinders Thinking CaPS at the university where she has been Outreach Officer and Executive Education Officer, and still holds the latter position. Outside of the university Jessica is a mother of 5 children and also a Sensei for Go Kan Ryu Karate where she teaches self-defense to others. She has competed at state and world levels, and has a Guinness World Record for participating in the “Most people to break a pine board simultaneously in one location” at the GKR Karate World Cup 2017. After graduating she will be aiming to do a year of Honors in Education and Science, and become a leader in STEM Education.”

2 thoughts on “Meet the new International Council of Student Leaders (ICSLs)”

  • Brittany Ladson:

    Congrats! You and I met at Chicago Summit in 2019 for Golden Key. I was the only guy sitting at the table with you and your friends from MSU. Glad to read about your induction into this organization of student leadership. I , too, was invited to join this organization, and declined. Now that I know what it is about, I will accept my invitation.

    Best wishes!

    Bradley Fowler, MA, MSc, MPP

  • I am Rich and I am a graduate student at American Public University System (APUS) majoring in Space Studies with a concentration in Aerospace Science. I have served as an officer in the APUS chapter of the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) for 3 years. I am currently in my second term as chapter President. I am a founding member of the APUS chapter of the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics and serve as Vice-Chair of the chapter. Professionally, I have worked as a drummer and drum teacher for the last 40 years and am a substitute teacher aide in special education for grades 1-12. My goal, after graduating with my master degree, is to teach online space studies courses as an adjunct professor. When not working or studying in school, I volunteer for the National Space Society (NSS) and serve in the NSS Membership Committee, Chair the NSS Value Enhancement Subcommittee (VES), and take part in the NSS Political Action Network (PAN). I am a member of the Planetary Society.