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How to get your parents on board so you can study abroad in 2020

How to get your parents on board so you can study abroad in 2020

Thinking about doing a semester studying abroad in 2020 – but not sure how to get your parents on board for the adventure? Having the support of your family can make a huge difference to the success of your venture, but sometimes it takes a little bit of work to help them see that study abroad can be one of the best and most fulfilling experiences of your college life.

Here are three simple ideas for helping to get your parents excited about this amazing opportunity:

  1. Information is power

So do your research! Preparation is key in lots of things, and convincing your parents they should back you during a semester abroad is no different. Look into what programs are available (such as the fantastic opportunities offered by Golden Key partners the International Scholar Laureate Program, Study Abroad, and the Sant’Anna Institute) and work out which one is the best for you. Make notes about details including dates, costs, and application requirements, and put all of this information together into one document that you can present to your parents.

2. Get funding

Saving up to study abroad is a great thing to do, if you can manage it. But we totally understand that it can be hard to do this when you’re focusing on study and community projects. This is why Golden Key offers numerous scholarships and awards to help our members fulfil their dreams of studying and traveling abroad. There are a few different option for you to check out, including the Professor Jeff Johnson Study Abroad Scholarship, the Joan Nelson Study Abroad Scholarship, and many more. Applying for a scholarship is a great way to show your parents you’re serious about this opportunity and are willing to work hard and make an effort to make it happen.

3. Choose carefully

It pays to think big picture and long term and do a study abroad program that supports your ambitions. This isn’t just a holiday abroad (although there are lots of benefits to doing a study abroad semester, and it’s definitely lots of fun) but also an opportunity to push your career forward and take some significant steps. So make the most of it, and select a program that will help you achieve your dreams – and your parents are much more likely to respond positively to your plan.