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Golden Key Member Spotlights: Share your Story

21 thoughts on “Golden Key Member Spotlights: Share your Story”

  • Golden Key opened many doors for me that had hugely uplifted my career…. And who doesn’t wants that? Why wait, join Golden Key now!!!

  • Since I have been a Golden Key member, I have had several job offers, but now I own my own company All’N’One Financial Services, and will be open for business by this summer. Thank You Golden Key and I will represent you throughout my career.

  • I am in total agreement with all of the above statements regarding Golden Key. My thoughts are: Golden Key is a honored membership society/distinguished organization for all dedicated scholars to be a part of. I am very proud and elated to be inducted as a member at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. The benefits granted and/or available for Golden Key members, have surpassed other organizations.

  • Joseph S. Spence, Sr. appointed as Global Advisor for Global Literary Poetry Society. Spence studied English literary science, creative writing, African diaspora, and poetry at University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, where he was inducted with a with an “A” average into Golden Key on 3/22/10. He is now celebrating his 10th year anniversary. He served 26-years of faithful, honorable, and courageous service in the U. S. Army and retired as a highly decorated field grade office.

  • It is an honor to be a member of golden key honor society as it reveals a lot about one’s personality. Especially I must highlight that being a member of this society is a key to success.

  • I am beyond excited to be a new Golden Key member and student. It is an absolute honor to be able to form a part of this dedicated and successful community. I am looking forward to motivating other students to reach their full potential and encourage others to push their academic limits even further. I am also excited to meet like-minded students like myself and form new meaningful friendships.

  • I am still new in Golden Key but I was amazed to read and known about all the activities that as Golden Key member can do and achieved as a member. The important part that I can see is the commitment in supporting others who are still struggling in their career. An educated people who came together to create a better world with supporting each other not only in academic, career, financial besides soft skills. Love to be a Golden Key member!

  • I appreciate to no end the assistance, knowledge, and wonderful social networking communities that Golden Key has been able to provide to me. I feel more confident since joining Golden Key than I did when I first graduated. I’d recommend Golden Key to those who want to start of their professional careers on the right path!

  • I appreciate Golden Key endlessly for the knowledge and opportunities that a timeless. This the best decision one could ever make for self development purposes.

  • Did Golden key just came and knocked right straight to my door? I can’t believe it, I’m so honored and super excited about the journey I’m choosing with Golden key. I would advise anyone to join because this is such a great opportunity.

  • I feel honoured and privileged to be a Golden Key Member since August 2016, I could not resist to become a member the sooner I have received the invitation. After a couple of months since I joined with my novice experience with the organisation, I got an opportunity to serve on my Campus Chapter as one of the Executive Members in 2017 academic year. As an Executive Member I learnt, grew and developed as a young leader through a great exposure to a series of professional and community outreach initiatives. I learnt practically how to work as a team collaboratively to achieve the same expected outcome, I enjoyed being one of the 2017 cohort served as Executive Committee system for Golden Key across various contexts. It real amazing and great to be a member of the society of such calibre.

  • It was a dream come true when I received a UCT invitation to join the Golden Key International honor society. Finally I am a member of this prestigious academic society. I advise other top students to join ASAP.

  • Being a Golden Key member is like being a big fish in the pool of academics. It gives me the opportunity to know the purpose I am living for and share that experience with others. I am proud to say that I have accomplished what is called the ultimate goal of academics.

  • It’s a privilege to be part of this organization, it’s very important to be part of it as a young person as it stimulate every aspect of your life. Let’s win Golden Key ?

  • I am honored to be a part of Golden Key. It’s amazing to achieve all my dreams and make a difference in the world.