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Why Honor Societies Have Admissions Requirements

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Have you been invited to join Golden Key International Honour Society? Or would you like to join?

The first thing you need to know is that admission is available to only the top 15% of college and university sophomores, juniors and seniors, as well as to top-ranked graduate students. What is meant by top 15%? Simply put, this means that you must have achieved a GPA that falls within the top 15% at your institution. Please note that if your GPA is that high, you may also apply to be considered for admission to Golden Key and you don’t have to wait for an invitation.

Why Must You Be in the Top 15%?

If you have been invited to join Golden Key, or if you would like to apply, that might be something you are wondering.

Honor societies like Golden Key have strict admissions requirements to assure that . . .

Membership is instantly recognized as a sign of top academic achievement. If admission requirements were loosened, membership wouldn’t mean as much or say as much about what you have achieved.

Membership continues to serve as a strong credential when you are applying for graduate schools and jobs. When members list Golden Key on their resumes, graduate school applications, online profiles and elsewhere, their membership is recognized as a sign of notable achievement. If admission requirements were loosened, that wouldn’t be the case.

And Remember, Membership Is Only the Beginning

Meaningful opportunities become available to you after you are accepted into Golden Key. Through Golden Key, you can apply for special awards and scholarships, take part in service opportunities, study abroad, connect with other top academic achievers to expand your horizons and advance your academic research . . . and much more.

Your participation in Golden Key programs lets you build on the achievements that qualified you to join. Your membership allows you to leverage your academic success and, in the words of Golden Key’s mission, “Unlock Your Potential.”

An Achievement Worth Working Toward

As you enter college or pursue your undergraduate studies, why not attain and maintain that top GPA that will qualify you for membership in a top honor society? It is an achievement worth working toward. And when you join, new opportunities will be unlocked and waiting for you.