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GK Members Get Internships Through Dream Careers: Jennifer’s Story

Dream Careers is the world’s leading internship program provider. As the world’s leading honor society, we at Golden Key knew they was a perfect match to partner with.  Last summer, we launched our partnership with our “Global Internship Initiative” and we are thrilled to offer this opportunity to our members again! Dream Careers helps college students achieve their career goals by placing them in an ideal internship and allowing them to live in their dream city all over the globe. The program includes guaranteed internship placement, housing, weekend activities, career seminars and more!
As a special bonus, Golden Key members who participate will receive the following benefits:
– Priority access to nearly 5,000 of the most coveted internships in 10 cities throughout the world
– Waived application fee (via our promotional code)
– $500 grant toward Dream Careers tuition for members who enroll before December 6
Click here to learn more and sign up!

This week, we would like to highlight four Golden Key members that took advantage of the program in the summer of 2013. These members had invaluable, amazing experiences that they are excited to share!

JenLopez_HeadshotFirst up is Jennifer Lopez, a student at the University of Texas at El Paso who became a member of Golden Key in March of 2013. Jennifer is majoring in digital media and hopes to be working in the entertainment industry when she graduates in May of 2015.
Here’s what Jennifer had to say about her experience:
I never thought it was possible that I would be able to work on a television series at my young age. Everything changed during my summer of 2013. I decided to take a leap of faith and signed up to participate in a program called Dream Careers. At first I was skeptical because the program seemed too good to be true. I had questions that kept running through my mind like, “Is this program legitimate? How are they going to place me with my little experience? Is it worth going?”  Despite my skepticism, I followed through the process to what became the best summer I have ever had!
I attended the Los Angeles Dream Careers program and from day one I felt welcomed! The participants stayed at the UCLA dorms and as soon as I stepped foot through the door I was approached by the nicest people. The fears I had from my ride to the UCLA dorms had all of a sudden vanished. The staff members helped me move into my room where I would live for the next two months. The evening of the arrival day we had a welcome dinner where we were able to meet other participants. At that dinner, I made friends that would make my experience all the more delightful. The following day we had an orientation where all of our questions and uncertainties were answered. We even took practice routes on how to get to and back from work.
The real experience started when I attended my first day at work. I interned for a production company called Good Clean Fun. The CEO and founder of Good Clean Fun is Jason Carbone, who is well known for his successful reality shows. While working here, I gained valuable experiences and saw the process of how a reality show works.  I started in the development portion by doing research. As time proceeded, I was able to do many more things. I got a glimpse of how casting is done for reality shows. I would sit in on the interviews and take logging notes. I also helped manage the IMDB Pro account for the TV series the company was working on. When needed, I worked in post-production by transferring files for the editors. I edited a few videos for internal use and was in charge of creating GIFs after episodes aired. After each episode was aired, I was would go through the social media and gather “fan press briefings.” This is a compilation of what the fans would say about the episode on Twitter, Facebook, etc. In my case, I was in charge of the show Tia and Tamera. The company also had me complete a development project. For this project, I had to create a new reality show from scratch, write up a detailed proposal, and design the proposal layout. At the end of the internship, I pitched my reality show to my manager, and the assistants to the executive producers. 
DreamcareersJenniferI cannot choose what part of the whole experience was my favorite; mostly because each day was better than the last! My two months of living in Los Angeles and working for an amazing company is my favorite part of the year. The only part of the experience I did not like was that it was too short! I thought two months would be too long; but when the time came to say good-bye to everyone, I found out that two months was too short!
One of the best things about Dream Careers is they offer career seminars. I took advantage of these opportunities and I’m glad I did. Each seminar gave me insight into the real world and prepared me for what’s to come. We had professional speakers who were very inspirational and were quick on giving advice when someone asked. We also had seminars that taught us how to interact and network with others. Throughout the two months, the Dream Careers’ staff helped us establish a strong LinkedIn profile. One of the most valuable lessons I learned professionally is how to promote myself and connect with others. Through everything Dream Careers did, I definitely feel I am prepared to enter the professional world. The seminars, the internship, and the people I met all give me confidence that I will secure a job in the future.
Aside from all the professionalism, Dream Careers also had fun activities planned throughout the summer. I participated in all of them and I don’t regret one thing! Two of my favorite activities of the summer were the surfing lessons and the going away dinner.  My friends and I also explored Los Angles on our own during the week. We would attend free concerts, go to theme parks, visit the malls, and other great things.
I would definitely recommend the Dream Careers program! To any Golden Key student who is thinking about participating, I would say do it! If you have any doubts, call Dream Careers. If you do the program, you won’t have any regrets!  I went to Los Angeles, but Dream Careers offers other cities as well. Take this opportunity to live your dream!
Although the summer Dream Careers program is two months long, it doesn’t necessarily end there. Throughout the time we all spent together, we became a family. We all call ourselves dreamers and we have each other’s back no matter the distance. The friendships that were made are strong and will last a life time. Dream Careers truly changed my life. After the program I returned home and was able to land another successful internship. This wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t taken my first leap of faith to apply for the program.
As you can see, Jennifer thoroughly enjoyed her experience!  She got to participate in a large variety of job duties and get first hand insight on how tv production works. The only part of the experience she didn’t like was that it was too short—that’s how great of a time she had! Our thanks go out to Jennifer for sharing her story.
Check back on the blog tomorrow for another highlight of a Golden Key member that participated in an internship through Dream Careers!

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  • Through everything Dream Careers did, I definitely feel I am prepared to enter the professional world.
    Aside from all the professionalism, Dream Careers also had fun activities planned throughout the summer