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Get to know: Loris Durrant the senior staff accountant for Golden Key

Get to know: Loris Durrant the senior staff accountant for Golden Key

by Julia Brown
February 13, 2023

Loris Durrant has been the senior staff accountant for Golden Key for over 15 years. Durrant said what drew her to Golden Key were the society’s values centered around helping students excel. “In 2006, my family and I relocated from Florida to Georgia, where I found an opportunity to join this great team,” said Durrant.

She believes that the best benefits of Golden Key are the scholarships, networking, workshops, and the excitement of building a community together. She said what made her proud to be a part of Golden Key this past year was how flexible they became with allowing everyone to work from home.

Durrant explained that Golden Key put a lot of effort into ensuring that everyone worked in a stress-free environment, and the executive team has been very approachable. “This type of environment allows others and me to grow and feel secure in the place we are working for,” said Durrant.

She believes a great leader must have strong listening and communication skills. “I also believe one of the greatest skills to have in life are warmth and relatability,” said Durrant. “My inspiration comes from the golden rule, ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Durrant said her longtime best friend was the best person she had ever worked with. “We socialized and traveled together, always looking out for one another,” she said.

She said the best career advice she has ever received was, “Whatever you are doing, do the best until you leave, and don’t burn any bridges.” The top advice Durrant would give new members is to network and take advantage of personal development opportunities.

“If I could recommend one thing to watch or listen to, it would be good reggae music from Bob Marley, Beres Hammond, and many more,” said Durrant. “It will get you through any rough patches, chores included!”