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GK Scholarships: Martin Luna Juncal

GK Scholarships: Martin Luna Juncal

Golden Key is delighted to introduce Martin Luna Juncal, one of Golden Key’s 2020 Undergraduate Achievement Award winners. Martin attends Griffith University. 

“Winning this award means a lot to me, not only because of the recognition it provides about my efforts and dedication to the Golden Key values, but because it also represents the hard work, dedication, and support that I have received from those around me,” Martin says. “ To me, this award reflects my personal and professional growth and development, and I am proud that Golden Key has recognised my efforts in this regard.”

Martin views being awarded this scholarship as a testament to his parent’s hard work and dedication to him. 

“On a personal level, the award to me recognises the sacrifices of my parents and the hardships they have endured for me to even have the chance at a university education,” Martin reveals. “This is my strongest value, and having my commitment to the pillars of Golden Key shown in this way really is a big indicator that I am making the most of a rare opportunity that I was fortunate enough to receive.”

Martin is excited to be able to represent his Golden Key chapter by winning this award. 

“At Griffith University, we run a very successful Golden Key Chapter, headed by the incredibly talented Kim Holmes, and I know that she would be elated that I am able to represent the chapter through the award,” Martin explains. “Kim, and by extension Victoria Menzies and the Griffith Honours College, have supported my development throughout my time at Griffith University, and because of that, I know that they would see this award as a reflection of their dedication and effort.”

Martin is happy to share his achievements with chapter members and also with his coordinator, friends, and family. 

“I am also aware that this award means a lot to those around me, including my coordinator, Ms. Jacqueline Wilkinson, my future Ph.D. supervisors, and my friends, and for their support, I couldn’t be more grateful,” Martin shares. 

Martin is very honored for being able to receive this award and the support of his peers. 

“Overall, I am proud, humbled, and immensely grateful for this award and the recognition of not only my hard work but of the support that those around me have been able to provide,” Martin says. 

Thank you for being a part of the Golden Key family, Martin; we wish you the best of luck in your academic journey!