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How to get involved with Golden Key?

How to get involved with Golden Key?

Have you joined Golden Key but still aren’t sure how to become involved? Then you’ve come to the right place. While many students join honor societies for the resume booster, we know that GK members are hard-working leaders, eager to be involved in their community and aching to be a part of something larger. Here are five ways to get involved with Golden Key:

  • Join a chapter

One way to quickly become involved with GK is to join a chapter. When you join a GK chapter, you expand your network with like-minded peers, enjoy chapter events, have the opportunity to participate in charity and cause events and connect with GK alumni at your university.

You can find your chapter by going to the chapter section on the GK site and using the search bar. If your university doesn’t have a chapter, check out our tips on starting your own,

  • Network on the GKA site

The GKA website offers a networking section where you personalize your profile, interact on a message board, find GK Thought Leaders, fellow members and join groups. The networking section allows you to connect with peers and see what your fellow members are up to. 

  • Train and assess your skills 

GKA offers many self-paced courses for you to build your foundation for professional development (FPD). Once you complete a course, you can take an assessment to determine how much information you retained and how to further improve your skills.

  • Attend webinars and read GKA articles & e-books

The GKA website offers a wide array of webinars, articles and e-books on a plethora of topics for you to enjoy at your leisure. You can sign up to attend webinars on the GKA site, but if you miss a webinar, don’t sweat it; simply head over to the video section and never miss a thing. You can read articles and e-books to build your knowledge and leave comments for your peers.

We’re always looking for new Thought Leaders to provide webinars, articles and e-books to share with members worldwide. Feel free to fill out the Thought Leader submission form with any of your ideas.

  • Interact with GK on social media

One of the simplest ways to get involved with GK is to join us on social media. We are very active on social media, and we love when our members are involved too. Feel free to leave us a comment, like or share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. We’re always sharing links to webinars and articles, featuring members and hosting chapter takeovers. 

If you’re interested in being featured on our Instagram and Facebook pages, send us a dm with your name, university, major and one thing that inspired you this past year.

As with any opportunity, you get out of it, what you put into it, so feel free to reach out to Golden Key and become more involved in the GK community.