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University of Stellenbosch Service Initiatives

University of Stellenbosch Service Initiatives The Golden Key Stellenbosch chapter raised funds in order to have a fun-filled Christmas party at the Speelkring, an underprivileged Crèche in Idas Valley, Stellenbosch. The fundraising slogan, ‘Change for Change’, illustrated that even if people only donated some change, that GK could make a positive change in a child’s life by using the funds collected!
Within 10 hours, GK Executive Committee raised R 1 490 , which were used to buy sweets, cool drinks and presents for all of the boys and girls at the Speelkring Crèche (47 children ranging from 3 to 6 years). Checkers Stellenbosch generously sponsored four cakes for the Christmas party, to the value of R 480!  We would like to thank all the Matie students for their generous contribution and making this Christmas party an event to remember!