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Message from our Council of Student Leader Southern Africa Representative 

Ofentse Phahlamohlaka:

Hi you guys! 

We are happy to announce the newly created Golden Key Benefit Fund with the mission to raise money to assist financially needy Golden Key Southern African members pay for their University registration fees.

Community service involving education is near my heart as it changes lives. I know it changed mine! Therefore, I need your help. I am raising money for the Golden Key Benefit Fund as I want to make a difference in my fellow Golden Key Southern Africa student’s education, because I understand that funding, particularly covering registration fees at the beginning of the year, is crucial to the success of university students.

With your support we can make a life-changing impact! Should you wish to support the initiative you can make payment to details below with reference #GKFUNDME.


Ofentse Phahlamohlaka

* Please note we are a non-profit international organisation. We can not issue S18A certificates for the donations made thus the donations will not be tax deductible.