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Every year, the University of Texas at El Paso hosts a spirit day to kick off college football season and to start the new school year.  The event is titled Minerpalooza and is open to everyone living in El Paso and surrounding areas.  Admission is free but tickets are available for purchase to play games.  Student organizations are encouraged to participate and host a game booth using self-made games.  They are able to keep the money raised with each ticket collected.  This year we constructed a Giant Connect Four game.  We collected one ticket per person, with each round consisting of two players.  In order to make the game more exciting, we had players spin a game piece that consisted of activities for players to do throughout the duration of the game.  The activities included hopping on one foot, patting their head, reciting the ABC 's, jumping after each turn, counting out loud, or screaming their name after each turn.  If they were caught not doing it, they forfeited a turn.  The winner was able to collect a prize and each participant was able to collect candy.  We had over 200 guests play our game and was extremely fun to host!


500 W University Ave, Us

Campus University of Texas El Paso


Aug, 30 2019 05:00 PM

Time zoneAmerica/Denver


Aug, 31 2019 11:00 PM

Time zoneAmerica/Denver

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