Nelson Mandela Day – Do More Foundation marketing campaign Go to Chapter

UCT GK partnered with the Do More Foundation this Mandela Day to appreciate the amazing work done by our Early Childhood Development (ECD) teachers. GK UCT spread awareness across all its social media platforms i.e. Instagram Facebook and Twitter. The posters and posts shared were very informative as they explained the significant role the teachers play and showed some gratitude for the work they are doing. The posts also included a link to the Do More Foundation. This was in place for people who may have wanted to donate towards this initiative and for people who wanted to learn more about it.


Online, South Africa


Jul, 18 2021 11:00 AM

Time zoneAfrica/Johannesburg


Jul, 18 2021 01:00 PM

Time zoneAfrica/Johannesburg

Contact Information

Tania Nemusese - [email protected]

Michaela Flanders - [email protected]

Bontle Mathabi - [email protected]