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290 Hours in total. Our virtual NMRE was completely based on our usual in-person event. We used our script but this year had video and live appearances from our Community Partners and Honorary Members. It was a logistical event with UW media helping us to succeed. We had a very successful evening and recorded event. In advance we mailed out the pins so that we can have our new members wear them during the Zoom event. We had a live feed for our Honorary member Kevin Freedman to have his class watch as he gave his thank you speech. We have video and live zoom for our community partners that attended. The Red Cross, The Princeton Review, Canadian Blood Services, and well wishes read by Siloam Mission. We also had back up written community partner statements in case of technical difficulties. We had prizes that were mailed to the recipients. Welcoming the new EC and new members taking the pledge was a highlight. We had two honorary members and two Distinguished Alumni presentations. Each had highlights of their service, leadership, and academics read at the NMRE. We were happy that we could host our event on Zoom due to the pandemic. We too held the on campus convocation hall in case we could host in person. We planned both styles of the event and hoped for in-person. We were happy with the online Zoom.


515 Portage Avenue, Canada


Jan, 27 2021 07:00 PM

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Jan, 27 2021 09:00 PM

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