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  • Academic recognition on campus and in your community.
  • $1,000,000 in scholarships and awards are given to members each year.
  • Build your resume. Stand out for your academic achievement and get involved with community service events.
  • The Golden Key Blog will keep you up to date on all that is happening around the world.
  • Free access to Gold level benefits at Job search, career info, education resources, and more.
  • Member discounts from Lenovo Computers, the Princeton Review, Johnson, Better World Books, and more.
  • Regional and International Summits. You can find out all about the 2014 summit in Toronto at
  • Discover the world with the International Scholar Laureate Program, G Adventures (individual discounts and Golden Key group trips), and our Study Abroad Search Engine.
  • Connect with students and faculty at your university. Local university chapters organize a variety of events, professional development workshops, fun actitivities, service projects, and more.
  • Network with members from around the globe. 
  • Lifetime Membership. After your initial join fee, there are no dues needed to maintain your membership. If you transfer schools, graduate, or even if your grades fluctuate, you will be a member for life.
  • Give back through inspiring service projects.

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“Being a member of Golden Key not only distinguishes you as an accomplished student, but it also provides you with resources, opportunities, and awards to further advance and recognize your academic career.”
– Ellen Gilley, McGill University

Gutiu"Being involved in Golden Key created opportunities that took me beyond my university campus, beyond my community, right into the global neighborhood."
– Sinziana Gutiu, Simon Fraser University


Tarasoff"Working with people from all different backgrounds and departments can lead to some really creative ideas and interdisciplinary teamwork! I love that Golden Key celebrates a academic achievements whatever the discipline."
– Lesley Ann Tarasoff, Bishop's University



Ian SankeyIf you have any questions feel free to reach out to Golden Key’s Canadian Director, Ian Sankey, at

Jin"I am honoured to be selected as one of the recipients for the Golden Key Canadian Postgraduate Study Award. GK has been a big part of my undergraduate experience and I had the opportunity to meet so many exceptional people along the way. This scholarship makes a significant contribution to help make my continued studies possible."
- Linna Jin, McMaster University undergrad and McGill University postgraduate
Postgraduate Study Award winner

Odion“It’s an honour winning this award and I am very grateful to Golden Key International Honour Society to be chosen as Canada’s Student Leader of the Year! This award will help pay for my tuition for my first year of medical school in September."
- Odion Kalaci, University of Windsor
Regional Student Leader of the Year Award winner







Esmail“I come from a small town in Tanzania called Mwanza but here in Canada my hometown for the past eight years has been Mississauga, Ontario. I became part of the Golden Key International Honour Society at McGill University. This award reminds me that there are people who appreciate dedication to service and gives me renewed energy to continue serving the community.”
– Shefaza Esmail, McGill University, Community Service Award winner

Thawer"I am honoured to be a winner of the Golden Key Biomedical Science Award. This scholarship will be used to fund the last year of my undergraduate career. Being part of a single income family, these funds are extremely valuable to me and have encouraged me to keep on pursuing my academic goals."
– Zoyah Thawer, Simon Fraser University, Biomedical Science Award winner


Dijken"Being offered this award is a great honour, privilege, and motivator for continued achievement. It tells me that my pursuits are of high value to others, and because of that I am encouraged to press onward with even greater passion for scientific progress and personal development."
– Joren Van Dijken, University of Alberta, Graduate Scholar Award Winner

Member Highlights


Gary Kalaci

Gary Kalaci is an entrepreneur, practicing lawyer, and a sessional professor at the University of Windsor. He is the founder of Alexa Translations, an international translation company with 5 offices worldwide. He has sat on the Board of Directors of United Way, University of Windsor Board of Governors, and is the founder of the Golden Future Project. In 2009, Mr. Kalaci was recognized as the first ever recipient of the Thérèse Casgrain Volunteer Award for outstanding contribution to the community. In 2012 he received the Rising Star Award from the Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce.

"Golden Key, unlike any other organization on campus, provides for involvement opportunities unparalleled for most students. Students find themselves surrounded by informed and active citizens who excel not only academically but in service to the community.

I spent many years involved with Golden Key while I was completing my degree in biochemistry followed by the combined law and MBA program at the University of Windsor. I began as a VP at my local University of Windsor chapter, then became Canada's representative on the Council of Student Members. Finally, I became involved with the Golden Future - South Africa chapter, which was a service initiative between the University of Windsor and University of Cape Town. Throughout my involvement with Golden Key I was also able to attend several international and regional conferences. These events provided a great learning opportunity, as well as a chance to meet variety of fascinating individuals and
develop some long lasting friendships.

One thing that has remained consistent throughout my career and not-for-profit initiatives is the support of fellow Golden Key members. The inspiration and resources they provide have been invaluable."

- Gary Kalaci


Haley Wasserman

Haley Wasserman was the 2012 McGill University Valedictorian for the Faculty of Arts. She has served as the Vice President External for the McGill Golden Key chapter and is the recipient of a $5000 Golden Key Undergraduate Achievement Scholarship. In 1997, McGill University chartered the first Golden Key chapter in Canada and has since inducted over 8500 student members.

 “Leadership, academics, and service have proven integral to my life as a student, and continue to shape the person I am today. My involvement and dedication to the McGill Chapter of Golden Key has been an instrumental element of my university experience and growth as a leader. As Chapter Vice President External, I have been afforded the opportunity to work cooperatively with an incredible executive team. Planning the New Member Recognition Event, and welcoming over 300 members into this wonderful society, was the most rewarding experience of the year.

I also led the Golden Key team to participate in the fundraising event ‘Bust a Move’ - a full-day fitness event to benefit the Breast Centre at the Jewish General Hospital. I feel fortunate to have had the resources available to me from Golden Key to be able to give back to the community and contribute positively to such a worthy cause.

I am honored to have been selected as a recipient of the Golden Key Undergraduate Achievement Scholarship. Though I am thankful that this award will help ease the financial burden of my forthcoming pursuit of a law degree, this award represents more than just a monetary reward. It will also propel my commitment to academics, leadership, and service, and encourage me to continue to inflict positive change in my community and abroad. I am thrilled to represent Golden Key as the recipient of this prestigious award.”

- Haley Wasserman