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GK Scholarships: Takisha Ogunyemi

GK Scholarships: Takisha Ogunyemi

Golden Key is delighted to introduce Takisha Ogunyemi, one of Golden Key’s 2020 Humanitarian Service Award winners. Takisha earned her Bachelor of Psychology from Mercy College and her teaching license from Kansas University. She was inducted into Golden Key during her time at Kansas University.

“Although my rewards are internal, it is with great honor to be chosen as a recipient for the Golden Key Honor Society’s 2020 Humanitarian Service Award,” Takisha says.

Takisha is dedicated to her education and the betterment of herself and others. She pushed to pursue her Bachelor’s as a young mother, even when she wanted to give up. 

“My economics professor noticed how badly I was struggling and wrote a letter to my college advisor, stating that I was not ready for college,” Takisha shares. “After meeting with my college advisor, and reading those words from my professor, a part of me really wanted to drop out, and the other part of me knew to make a better life for myself and my daughter, I had to keep going. Fast forward, three years later, I graduated one year early with my Bachelor of Psychology with a concentration in Education.”

Takisha carried over her desire for betterment for others when she and her board officers founded a non-profit organization in 2016 called Young Entrepreneur Association, Inc. 

“We founded YEA because we wanted to make a difference,” Takisha explains. “I wanted to be the support in which I would like to have had. Words of encourage are wonderful, but I wanted to establish something more tangible, more economically equitable. Each year, YEA reached its goals of activism and community support through the support of personal, community and corporate donations and volunteerism.” 

Takisha’s commitment to helping others spills into her work as a teacher.

“Throughout my 15-year teaching career, I obtained accolades from my administration for my teaching and my advisory and sponsorship of two student organizations,” Takisha reveals. “I oversee the Students Against Destructive Decisions Club and the Cultural Awareness Club at Prince George High School. In 2019, I was the recipient of the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU/VCEE) Economic Teacher of the Year Award.” 

Takisha, like so many others, was affected by the coronavirus pandemic. 

“Unfortunately, in 2020, my school district denied my request to teach virtually off-site, and I had to make the difficult decision to resign from my teaching position due to having two elementary school-aged children that are virtual learning and my youngest son and I having high-risk health concerns of Covid-19,” Takisha remarks. 

She, however, did not allow the coronavirus to stop her and instead turned it into an opportunity. 

“I decided not to look at this transition as a hinder but to look at it as an opportunity,” Takisha says. “An opportunity to pursue my passions, which are baking, teaching, mentorship, and service. Through Golden Key, I applied to become an online virtual tutor during this time.” 

Takisha has kept herself busy during the pandemic and started a new business.

“On April 21st, 2021, I made another courageous move, and I launched my online bakery website,,” Takisha explains. “Within a few days of launching my website, I went viral on TikTok. This was an absolute shock and a true blessing!”

Among Takisha’s many achievements, she has continued to stay an active member of her community.

“I continued my mentorship and community activism through my Facebook lives and non-profit work,” Takisha shares. “Most recently, YEA was able to provide over $5,000 worth of merchandise donated by Walmart, Inc. to a mother/grandmother that newly stepped out of her comfort zone and started her jewelry business to better her economic status for herself and her family.”

Thank you for being a part of the Golden Key family, Takisha; we wish you the best of luck with your businesses!