Scholarships Recipients

Golden Key offers $1,000,000 in scholarships and awards each year to our deserving membership, including undergraduate students, graduate students, alumni and Golden Key advisors.

See how dreams became reality for just a few of our recent winners!

Shakir Karim Web

"I am extremely honoured and privileged to be a recipient of this award among many applicants is a landmark for me. It is not only an international recognition for me as well as an individual, for my university, and my country. It is very humbling to be well recognised on an international label and it will provide further motivation to gain international experience. This award will allow me to continue my research study with the goal of obtaining my PhD and becoming a full Academic. I would also like to thank my parents, my Principal Supervisor Dr Ergun Gide who have supported and encouraged me endlessly and CQUniversity Australia for helping me achieve my dreams and goals."

– Shakir Karim, CQUniversity - Australia,
2014 Asia-Pacific Postgraduate Study Award ($1,000)

Lisa Carter WEB

"I am honoured and grateful to have won the 2014 GEICO Life Scholarship Award, not only for the financial benefit but also for the recognition of the hard work that I have put in thus far.  I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank The Golden Key International Honour Society for recognizing my achievements and for giving me financial reward.  I plan to utilise this when I undertake upcoming placements and am unable to attend my paying job.  Both being invited to become a member of Golden Key and receiving this award have given me added motivation to continue my academic journey." 

– Lisa Carter, University of Tasmania - Australia,
2014 GEICO Life Scholarship recipient ($1,000)

Nathan Arnaiz

"I am incredibly grateful and appreciative to Golden Key International Honour Society for selecting me to receive the 2014 Emerging Scholar Award. To me, this award demonstrates Golden Key’s generosity, faith in its members, and interest in our success. As the historian of my chapter, I have developed leadership skills and made friends through our community service and professional development events. With this organization’s support, I can continue to reach my academic goals as an undergraduate student majoring in management at the University of Miami here in my hometown of Miami, Florida, and hopefully be able to receive a Master of Business Administration degree in the future."

– Nathan Arnaiz, University of Miami - United States, 
2014 Emerging Scholar Award recipient ($1,000)


Erica Zucker

"I am truly honoured and thankful to be the recipient of the Golden Key’s Community Service Scholarship Award.  I am a strong believer in volunteering within my community and this award is further inspiration to continue giving back to the people and places that support me in my pursuits. As I enter my third year of studying elementary education at Bishop’s University in Sherbrooke, Quebec, I hope to continue to serve within my community, as an executive member of my Golden Key Chapter, a mentor and volunteer at the local elementary schools and an active member of my student body. I hope to inspire others to volunteer and give back, both in Sherbrooke and my hometown of Hamilton, Ontario as I continue on my own academic journey. I would like to thank the Golden Key Honours Society for their recognition and support."

– Erica Zucker, Bishop's University - Canada, 
2014 Community Service Scholarship recipient ($1,000)

Leandri Hattingh

"I truly feel honoured and privileged to receive this scholarship. This will certainly contribute a great deal in covering my expenses for attending the 2014 Graphic Medicine Conference in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. My attendance at the conference as a presenter promises to broaden my horizons and further develop my interest in the relationship between medicine and the arts and social sciences. I look forward to bringing back my leanings and sharing them with colleagues and other interested parties, in particular, the conveners and participants in the first ever Medicine and the Arts course in South Africa."

– Leandri HattinghUniversity of Stellenbosch - South Africa, 
2014 Alumni Professional Development Grant recipient ($1,000)


"I am extremely honoured and grateful to be a recipient of this award. During the last four years I have majored in French, German and Mandarin, and learning foreign languages really gives you a desire to constantly be travelling and immersing yourself in foreign languages and cultures. This award will help me finish off my undergraduate degree by a short study trip to Berlin and an internship in Shanghai, and I cannot express enough my gratitude to the Golden Key Society. I would also like to thank the University of Adelaide for helping me achieve my dreams and goals, and all of the amazing teachers and lecturers from the languages departments who have supported me and encouraged me the last four years. "

– Adam Ferris, The University of Adelaide - Australia,
Spring 2014 Undergraduate Achievement Scholarship recipient ($5,000)


David Beach

"President John F. Kennedy is the president of my youth and the first president I remember.  On November 22, 1963, President Kennedy was scheduled to address the annual meeting of the Dallas Citizens Council, joined by members of the Dallas Assembly.  The occasion was a salute to the Graduate Research Center of the Southwest.  In the draft of his speech, President Kennedy writes, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”.  President Kennedy was assassinated before he could deliver his speech.  The quote has a personal significance to me.  At the age of 54, after years of off and on, here and there, part-time education, I earned my Bachelor’s degree.  Leadership and learning are complementary skills that are interconnected and intertwined.  President Kennedy was a proponent of life-long learning and continuous personal improvement.  My life has been a journey focused on a commitment to learning.  Exceptional leaders strive for growth and are lifelong learners.  Golden Key dares its members to dream big, and never, ever stop.  Being selected as a 2014 Military Service Scholarship Award recipient will allow me to pursue my big dream of obtaining a Master’s Degree."

– David Beach, Ashford University - United States, 
2014 Military Service Scholarship recipient ($1,000)


Michael Birch

"Winning the 2014 Undergraduate Achievement Award means reduced financial stress, which in turn means I can focus more on my studies and research. Hailing from the small town of Cottam in rural southwestern Ontario, Canada, I feel very privileged to have the opportunities I have been given. I am beginning as a Masters student in physics at McMaster University in September 2014. Specifically, my research will be in the field of theoretical soft-condensed matter. It is so exciting to be on the cutting edge of scientific research, but I could not be here without the financial support of scholarships, including the Golden Key Undergraduate Achievement Award… I was a member of the McMaster University Golden Key Chapter executive team for two years. I enjoyed helping to plan events at McMaster and in the surrounding community as a break from my intensive studies and appreciated the time spent with like-minded individuals… Golden Key has certainly played a substantial role in getting me to where I am today."

– Michael Birch, McMaster University - Canada 
2014 Undergraduate Achievement Scholarship recipient ($5,000)

Sarah Appleby -WEB

"I was absolutely amazed to be awarded the Graduate Scholar Award. Coming from a small school in New Zealand it is humbling to be recognised on an international scale. This assistance will help to support me through my master’s degree, allowing me to focus on the research and get as much out of it as I can. Thank you Golden Key for your support. I am completing a MSc in Biological Sciences, with a focus on physiology and genetics. I am completing my research at AgResearch, with a focus on investigating the functional potential of bovine embryonic stem cell-like cells."

– Sarah Appleby, The University of Waikato - New Zealand,
2014 Graduate Scholarship recipient ($10,000)


Jason Heap

"I am very appreciative to the Golden Key International Honour Society for awarding me with a debt reduction scholarship. It has come at a very crucial moment in my career where I have just completed a doctoral degree, but the very nature of the project within that capstone project requires me to continue with the work that I began with my participants. I had some difficult decisions to make as to how I could dedicate extra funding of my own towards the continued work of this project, in addition to fulfilling requirements of student loans."

– Jason Heap, Walden University - United States,
2014 Education Debt Reduction Award recipient ($5,000)

Nicole Hillyard -WEB

"Life is there to be experienced, not watched from the sideline. In receiving this award I will be able to truly experience all that is on offer for me with the study abroad program and truly develop a global understand of the world that surrounds us. My studies are concentrated around a double degree of Marketing and Media and Communications, and I hope the study abroad program will assist in my overall understanding of these fields to create greater opportunities in the future. I am a student from Brisbane, Australia studying at Queensland University of Technology and am a member of the AMPed (Advertising, Marketing and PR) group on campus. I am also a 4-time participant of the Cancer Council’s Relay for Life Event to support and raise more for those with cancer. In my high-school experience I was awarded Grade 12 All-Rounder during my senior year to signify my overall commitment to all facets of my academic and social journey. I believe I have been given a valuable opportunity, only few University students are given, and I am looking forward to making the most of the study abroad journey."

– Nicole Hillyard, Queensland University of Technology - Australia,
Spring 2014 Study Abroad Scholarship recipient ($1,000)


Nils Deppe

"While I was growing up in Emerson, a small town in rural Manitoba, Canada, I never would have dreamed of having the opportunities that I have been so fortunate to receive. Winning an Undergraduate Achievement Scholarship is an honour. Such an award is much more than a financial aid enabling me to continue pursuing my academic goals. It also demonstrates trust and confidence in the ability of the recipient, which provides motivation, incentive, and a sense of belonging."

– Nils Deppe, The University of Winnipeg - Canada,
Spring 2014 Undergraduate Achievement Scholarship recipient ($5,000)

Lucy Bennett -WEB

"Winning this award was a great honour and will further my career opportunities immensely. It will assist me in my study in Canada and provide further incentive to gain international experience. I believe that this will assist me in pursuing a leadership role in the Urban Development sector in Queensland after graduating. I have shared with other potential students my love of Urban Planning through my position as a Senior Science and Engineering Faculty Student Ambassador at QUT, Brisbane and have gained a leadership position in the QUT Planning Students Association (PSA) which has furthered my ability to liaise with current professionals in the industry."

– Lucy Bennett, Queensland University of Technology - Australia,
Spring 2014 Study Abroad Scholarship recipient ($1,000)

Katy Seddon -WEB

"Accepting this award is a huge milestone for me and I am extremely honoured and privileged to have been awarded it! It is very fulfilling to be awarded based on the core seven values of Golden Key and I hope to uphold and exemplify these values in the future. This award has definitely helped to boost my motivation for further study next year where I will be undertaking my Masters; and because of this scholarship I will not be as constrained financially."

– Katy Seddon, University of Canterbury - New Zealand,
Spring 2014 Living the Mission Award recipient ($1,000)


Steven Fencl

"Three years ago I went back to school to help make a better living for my family. I worked full time, took care of my family and went to school, working late into many nights to be the best I could be. I strived to set an example for my children to follow; to show them that with hard work and dedication they can accomplish their dreams. When the time of my completion of my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration drew near I was challenged to expand my thinking and become a school teacher to give back what has been given to me, a love for learning. This award from Golden Key is a great validation for my family and children that hard work can pay off. I am truly honored and humbled to be selected as a winner for the 2014 Graduate Scholar Scholarship Award-Spring Selection."

– Steven Fencl, Ashford University - United States,
Spring 2014 Graduate Scholar Award recipient ($10,000)

Ooishuting -WEB

"I really appreciate the recognition of my achievements from Golden Key. Being part of the chapter’s committee, I looked forward to the opportunity to study more on social work and communication skill because I have always wanted to be able to make a difference to people's lives. Winning this award confirmed my resolution to continue my passion in doing something different yet meaningful to people. The three pillars of Golden Key- academics, leadership and service, for me, is interconnected, it gives us a precious platform to learn leadership skill, to express our abilities in their entirety rewarding the community and to meet people who share the same passion to do something meaningful in life."

– Ooi Shu Ting, Universiti Putra Malaysia - Malaysia,
2014 Chartering Officer Scholarship Award recipient ($1,000)

Lynda Charles

"This award is not simply financial but rather a testament to a truth I have accepted: this life is difficult but not impossible. I believe difficulty and adversity are truly opportunities and blessings in disguise – how we allow them to shape and influence our perceptions means the difference between someone who settles for what the conditions life has to offer versus someone who manifests their conditions."


– Lynda Charles, University of Central Florida - United States,
2014 Education Debt Reduction Award recipient ($5,000)

Juliakonz -WEB

"Being recognised and selected alone is increasing my confidence and trust in my ability to achieve my goals. From nearly failing high school in Germany (Hometown: Neustadt an der Weinstrasse), thus not being able to study psychology there, moving to another country to pursue my passion despite many peoples; doubts and extremely high international university fees, to setting the goal to do my doctorate in clinical psychology was a journey of learning to believe in myself. Engaging with my community, as a mentee of the Griffith University International Golden Key Mentoring Program, as a mentor for first year psychology students, as a Peer Assisted Study Sessions or PASS leader, as a Griffith University Student Services Partner, as president of the Griffith Employment Relations & HR Management Society (GERMS) and Secretary of Golden Key, was a key factor contributing to my personal development and achievements. This scholarship is a huge achievement for me and will help me to pursue the next step on my journey: Honours in Psychology. Thank you."

– Julia Konz, Griffith University - Australia,
Fall 2013 Undergraduate Achievement Award recipient ($5,000)

Ng Xie Lie WEB

"It is with great honor and appreciation that I have been selected as a winner of this award. This definitely means a great deal to me as it recognizes my commitment to academics, leadership and community services. It is also a great help to me to complete my Bachelor Degree in Monash University Malaysia. I will continue my effort in leading the chapter to become a notable honor society on campus. I would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the assistance of my family who has given me endless support and love in whatever I do."

– NG Xie Li, Monash University - Australia,
Spring 2014 Undergraduate Achievement Scholarship recipient ($5,000)

Liel Kenigsman WEB

"I come from the small town in Israel called Karmey Yosef. In the last three years I have been studying a Bachelor of Applied Science (Psychology) at Deakin University in Melbourne. Due to my academic achievements at high school, I received a scholarship for my studies as an international student at Deakin. I feel extremely privileged to be a winner of this award. As an international student in Australia, I have been relying on family support and scholarships to finance my studies thus far. Winning this award means that it will be possible for me to continue pursuing my educational and career dreams. I hope to continue to develop my professional knowledge in psychology and pursue a postgraduate program in order to enhance the mental health and wellbeing for people around the world."

Liel Kenigsman, Deakin University - Australia,
Spring 2014 Undergraduate Achievement Scholarship recipient ($5,000)

Elliott Bowden WEB

"I am incredibly honoured, it is an immense privilege to be a recipient of this award. This opportunity allows me to continue to immerse myself in my study of paramedicine and public health promotion at La Trobe University. The Golden Key Society has provided me with a foundation on which I can build my future.  By having the support that this scholarship provides I can strive to become a leader in the field of pre-hospital care and public health promotion. I cannot adequately express my gratitude to the Golden Key Society through a short statement but needless to say this is a life changing award and I am immensely thankful. The Undergraduate Achievement Scholarship award is a key that unlocks potential.”

Elliott Bowden, La Trobe University - Australia,
Spring 2014 Undergraduate Achievement Scholarship recipient ($5,000)

Marcus Robertson

"I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Golden Key International Honour Society for the Professional Development grant. I never expected when I joined the Society as an undergraduate that it would continue to support and influence my career so far into the future. I am currently completing my medical specialist training in Gastroenterology, specialising in hepatology and liver transplantation. This will assist in travelling to the Digestive Diseases Week Conference in Chicago, where I have been invited to present my research on Gastrointestinal Bleeding. Attending the conference will provide a unique opportunity for collaboration with researchers from around the world and will enable me to share my research at the largest Gastroenterology conference in the world."


Marcus Robertson, Monash University - Australia,
Spring 2014 Alumni Professional Development Award recipient ($1,000)


Alicia Añino

"I appreciate that Golden Key has scholarships, not just for students but for advisors as well! It is especially great since there are not many professional development opportunities for staff members working at a university. I have been involved with Golden Key since 2011 and I thoroughly enjoy getting to know our students on a deeper level and being a part of their lives for the rest of their lives."



Alicia Añino, Co-Advisor at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis- USA,
Spring 2014 Advisor Professional Development Scholarship recipient ($1,000)


"Winning the Asia Pacific Postgraduate Studies Award definitely means everything to me. I am honored to receive this award and sincerely would like to thank Golden Key Society for recognizing my potential as a Graduate student. It definitely helps me to boost my motivation throughout my PHD journey. I am always hunger for knowledge and this opportunity definitely enables me to attend more academic programs which I could not afford before this. Hopefully, the knowledge that I gained and will continue gaining will be beneficial to the society. Thank you so much for inspiring me and now I do believe, with a great passion, sky is the limit!!!"


Hussin Nur Atikah Mohammed Hussin of Universiti Sains Malaysia - Malaysia,
Asia-Pacific Postgraduate Study Award 2013 recipient ($1,000)


Jean Vianney Cordeiro

"I am humbled and at the same time overcome with joy for being selected as a recipient of the Living the Mission Scholarship. By awarding me a scholarship, Golden Key lightened my financial burden which allowed me to focus more on the most important aspect of school, learning. Golden Key’s generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community. I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as Golden Key has helped me. Investing in youth is investing in the future of our planet."


Jean Vianney Cordeiro, McGill University - Canada
Spring 2014 Living the Mission Award recipient ($1,000)


Curwyn Mapaling

"I am honoured to be receiving this award and I am a proud Golden Key member!  Winning this award means so much more than just recognition of my involvement in the 10 organisations I serve.  I would like to thank Golden Key for this award and the communities I volunteer in for allowing me to learn from them, and grow with them, whilst having the privilege of being fortunate enough to help them. Furthermore, it serves as added motivation to continue doing what I love doing, by making it even easier for me to do so."


Curwyn Mapaling, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University – South Africa,
Spring 2014 Community Service Scholarship Award recipient ($1,000)


"I feel very privileged and grateful to have been selected as an award recipient and for the opportunities this award will provide me. As an education specialist and strong believer in life-long learning I am excited to utilise the funds made available through the GK Alumni Professional Development Grant to continue broadening my horizon both on a professional as well as personal level. Receiving this recognition is a great encouragement and motivation and no doubt will unlock many doors in its wake."


– Anne-Kathrin Bauer, Curtin University - Australia,
Spring 2014 Alumni Professional Development Award recipient ($1,000)


Joy Lacanienta

"Words could not describe how grateful and honored I am to receive the highly coveted Golden Key Graduate Scholar Award. I’m truly humbled by the distinction this award bestows upon me, my family, friends, and colleagues at University of Hawai‘i, as well as my island community.  I believe that the Golden Key International Honour Society will allow me to achieve my goal in attaining a Ph.D. in Sociology and Advanced Women’s Studies Certificate. My life’s mission and work ethic shares the same objectives with the pillars of this prestigious organization, which are academics, leadership and service to the community. With the help of the Golden Key Graduate Scholar Award, I now have the capacity, drive, and fortitude to achieve this goal." Joy was presented her scholarship check at the 2014 International Summit. Read more about it here:

Joy Lacanienta, University of Hawaiʻi- USA,
Fall 2013 Graduate Scholar Award recipient ($10,000)


Taylor Godine

"I am so honored and thankful to be the recipient of the Golden Key Fall 2013 Debt Reduction Scholarship.  Because of this scholarship, the dream of continuing my education is no longer clouded by a large financial burden. Between what I learned in my undergraduate program of Applied Conflict Management (a focus of Political Science) and the leadership experience I gained as Vice President of Kent State’s Golden Key Chapter, I feel the strong desire to continue my education with the goal of obtaining my PhD and becoming a professor, so I can share the gift of education and knowledge of peaceful dispute resolution with future generations.  Golden Key has taught me the immeasurable value of academics, leadership, and service and I will continue to honor and value those pillars for the rest of my life."


Taylor Godine, Kent State University - USA,
Fall 2013 Education Debt Reduction Award recipient ($5,000)

Simon Song Zhang

"This award is an excellent approval. After years of studying bachelor and master, I have been taught professional knowledge on civil engineering, but there is no certain standard to value my own achievement. This award can confirm the efforts I have made in studying period, which makes me very thankful. On the other hand, this award gives me great encouragement to my further, including both study and career. It tells me to keep trying and continue to learn, and it is always worthy."


– Simon Song Zhang, The University of Adeliade - Australia,
Fall 2013 Research Grant recipient ($1,000)

Rose Kenyon

"Growing up as a Girl Scout in the small town of Wakefield, Rhode Island, I was always inspired by nature and deeply determined to protect it. My interest is in promoting sustainability at the community level. Beyond college, I plan to attend graduate school to study Urban Planning in hopes that through sustainable development, environmentally conscious communities can foster. I am now lucky enough to be taking both environmental and communication courses while abroad in India. My experience abroad thus far has been absolutely incredible. The culture in India is very different from that of the United States and everyday I learn more about the people and traditions of the country. I am positive that this experience will influence my future career in many ways, as it has helped me to see the needs of a community through different perspectives. Global education scholarships provide American students invaluable opportunities to grow both academically and as a global citizen. For these reasons, I am incredibly thankful to Golden Key for having awarded me with this scholarship."

– Rose Kenyon, George Mason University - USA,
Fall 2013 Study Abroad Scholarship recipient ($1,000)

Sahar Jaffal

"It is an honour for me to be selected for the 2013 Canadian Post Graduate Scholarship from the Golden Key International Honour Society. Obtaining this award is supportive and encouraging for me to continue my scientific research. I am working in the pain field research at McGill University, Montreal, Quebec. My current research is interesting and can open a new avenue for finding therapy for the chronic diseases like arthritis and migraine (inflammatory pain) that affect the life quality of millions of patients and impose heavy economic and social burdens on the health care system. It is also helpful for my plans and career in the future. My plan is to increase my knowledge in using the scientific techniques in research, to help in finding therapies for diseases and to contribute positively to the scientific world as well as decreasing the suffering of many patients. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank the staff who participated in creating and building this society that contains members from many countries and helps in building success in many fields. I also advise the students who fulfill the requirements to be members in Golden Key."

– Sahar Jaffal, McGill University - Canada,
Spring 2013 Canadian Post Graduate Award recipient ($1,500)

Akinlolu Makinwa

"Winning this award among many applicants is a milestone for me and a confirmation of my call to contribute to the emergent and essential field of youth and family ministry, especially in Africa. It also means, to me, that Golden Key International Society recognizes the fact that all field of study has the potential to make impact in the society. Since I have come to a conclusion that the fruits of all scientific and technological advancements are likely to be nullified if the present predicaments of youth and families, which constitute any society, are not addressed as essential to a stable economy, peaceful coexistence and sustainable community development projects, I have committed myself to the study of youth and family and empowerment of youth and families. "

– Akinlolu Makinwa, Stellenbosch University - South Africa,
Fall 2013 Study Abroad Scholarship recipient ($1,000)

Dmitry Maznichenko

"If it takes a village to raise a child, then our future relies on our ability to work together. Our professional development is tied to this notion. I am grateful to be a recipient of the 2013 Alumni Professional Development Grant from the GK International Honour Society as it is an acknowledgement that my persistent efforts are for the betterment of our global well-being and future. Community involvement is greatly contributing to my professional development. I am constantly meeting people with great ambitions and I can also proudly say that Golden Key supports my efforts to be an influential community leader."


– Dmitry Maznichenko, Ryerson University - Canada,
Fall 2013 Alumni Professional Development Grant recipient ($1,000)


Timothy Ng

"I am honoured to receive the Golden Key Undergraduate Achievement Scholarship. I am very grateful for this recognition of my achievement in balancing the demands of academic study with campus and community life. I will begin a research-only Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in March. My thesis title is: 'Production of a protein-rich and lipid-rich aquaculture feed from green wastes'."



– Timothy Ng, The University of Waikato - New Zealand,
Fall 2013 Undergraduate Achievement Scholarship recipient ($5,000)

Makiijah D. Crabbe

"As the President of the University of the Virgin Islands – St. Thomas Chapter, I am extremely honored to be selected as the winner for the Fall 2013 Education Debt Reduction Award. This award has encouraged me to keep moving forward with my future endeavors and continue to go strive to reach even greater heights of becoming an outstanding global business professional and leader."



– Makiijah D. Crabbe, University of the Virgin Islands - USA,
Fall 2013 Education Debt Reduction Award recipient ($5,000)


Lim Fang Xin

"I have graduated from a Bachelor of Science (Food Studies) at the University of Putra Malaysia (UPM). I am also a proud recipient of the 2013 Undergraduate Achievement Scholarship Award, and this marks the beginning of my journey towards becoming a leader in humanitarian action. Personally, I feel that I need to do more than just lend a helping hand to the people who walk into my life. As a matter of fact, I desire to walk into the lives of the underprivileged around the world and touch them in a way that they will find comfort and solace in their difficult conditions; at the same time, they will also find inspiration in overcoming all odds and make a conscious decision to change not only their lives, but those of their community. "

Lim Fang Xin, Universiti Putra Malaysia - Malaysia,
Fall 2013 Undergraduate Achievement Scholarship recipient ($5,000)

Stephanie Khairallah

"I am honored and grateful to have been selected as a recipient for the 2013 Canadian Volunteer Abroad Award. Not only it is helping me cover my living expenses, but has provided me the opportunity to concentrate and fully explore the potential within the apprenticeship scope and duties at the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP). The experience at the WFP is proving to be a very positive opportunity, allowing me to be part of a very well structured organization. Not only I am applying my theoretical knowledge in real world scenarios, but also I have been given a window that opens on a wide range of possibilities related to future employment and a tool that will help me decide on a major for my post graduate studies."

– Stephanie Khairallah, McGill University - Canada,
Fall 2013 Canadian Study/Volunteer Abroad Award recipient ($1,500)

Talita Delport

"I feel grateful and humbled whilst also feeling proud for receiving this award. The ability to share the importance of reaching out into our local communities is one of my passions. To be rewarded for one of my passions is truly the highest, most humbling honour I could have asked for. I hope that through the receiving of this award that I will be able to inspire the people in my hometown Bulawayo and my friends at the University of Pretoria to realize that outreach work can receive acknowledgement. Most of all, I hope to inspire them to embark on their own community work and to make a difference each and every day."


– Talita Delport, University of Pretoria - South Africa,
Fall 2013 Community Service Award recipient ($1,000)

Felix Rivera-Perez

"I’ve always known that graduate school was only the beginning of my professional development as an educator in higher education. In fact, in order to succeed as an educator, it’s imperative that I continue to develop skills necessary that will enable me to effectively help students with their own development. The Alumni Professional Development Grant allows me to secure most of the funds I need to become certified, and affirms the support Golden Key Honour Society gives its members to be successful in their careers. Winning this award gives me the shot in the arm to press forward, so that I do not become stale in my profession."


– Felix Rivera-Perez, Baruch College - CUNY - USA,
Fall 2013 Alumni Professional Development Grant recipient ($1,000)

Ethan Bowering WEB

"I feel extremely privileged to be recognised by the Golden Key International Honour Society as a recipient of a 2013 Undergraduate Achievement Scholarship. This scholarship will allow me to continue pursuing academic and professional development opportunities into the future and allow me to continue my commitment to academics, leadership and community service. I look forward to being able to credit Golden Key with helping me unlock my potential and make an impact in my local and wider community."


Ethan Bowering, Griffith University - Australia,
Fall 2013 Undergraduate Achievement Scholarship recipient ($5,000)

Rebecca Cross

"I am extremely honoured and surprised to have won a Research Grant. I am thankful to Golden Key for giving me this award and look forward to the opportunities it will bring. Winning the Research Grant will allow me to travel to Austria to take part in the 13th International Conference on the Short Story in English. I will be giving a paper entitled “Sludge Before Sunshine: The Return Story of Olive Kitteridge.” This research will form part of my dissertation. I relish the opportunity to discuss my work with other scholars of the short story and am looking forward to receiving feedback and constructive criticism on my research.""


– Rebecca Cross, University of Wollongong - Australia,
Fall 2013 Golden Key Research Grant recipient ($1,000)

Kate Poppa

"Winning the Fall 2013 Study Abroad Scholarship Award is a great honour and privilege, it has not only provided a means to finance my study abroad experience but it symbolises what one can achieve with hard work and persistence. Winning this award has afforded me the opportunity to study while travelling to and experiencing the amazing country that is Mexico. Living and studying in a foreign country has allowed me to become immersed in a new and exciting culture; broaden my world view; expose me to invaluable opportunities unavailable in an Australian setting; and of course add an international perspective to my Australian degree. Studying abroad in Mexico and winning this scholarship to help me do so are two incredible privileges that I am so thankful for. It is difficult to express my gratitude without sounding as if I am reeling off a catalogue of clichés, so I just want to share with you one important lesson I have learnt over the past month: to grasp every opportunity that arises and to make the absolute most of it because it could be life changing."

Kate Poppa, La Trobe University - Australia,
Fall 2013 Study Abroad Scholarship recipient ($1,000)


Graham Kell

"I feel greatly honored to be a recipient of this award and would like to thank Golden Key. This will allow me to progress further down my chosen academic pathway, while at the same time continuing to serve the community in which I find myself. Living on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia, and studying Psychology at the University of Southern Queensland, I am running a charity that assists disengaged children and young people, connecting them back into the community and employment. This scholarship will help me to maintain the balance that these pursuits and family life require!"


Graham Kell, University of Southern Queensland- Australia,
Fall 2013 Community Service Scholarship recipient ($1,000)


LI Ying Qi

"It is a pleasant honour to be selected as the winner of the 2013 Research Grant, Fall Selection from Golden Key International Honour Society. Receiving this award greatly motivates me to continue conducting research of my interest that I believe will have an impact to the society. My research involves the evaluation of novel biomarkers of health in a group of Australian adults that will have original contribution to multidisciplinary academic fields and will lead to practical use and benefits to the wider community. In the future, I would like to combine my dietetics practice with my future research interest to contribute to a better tomorrow for the society and the wider community."


Li Ying Qi (Winnie), Edith Cowan University - Australia,
Fall 2013 Golden Key Research Grant recipient ($1,000)

Sarah Llewellyn

"I am honoured to be one of the recipients of the Golden Key 2013 Study Abroad Scholarship Award and am grateful for the opportunities this award will provide me. In order to study in the People’s Republic of China for 12 months, I have had to rely on financial aid and student scholarships to help finance my studies abroad. Receiving this scholarship will help reduce my financial burdens and provide assistance for me as I continue pursuing my Graduate Diploma of Asia Pacific Studies. I believe that to become fluent in a particular language, I must fully immerse myself in that foreign society in order to understand and learn the nuances within that culture. As one of this year’s recipients of the Study Abroad Scholarship, I have been able to continue to contribute to my development in a language environment second to none, thus allowing me to enhance my understanding of Australia’s significant regional relationship with China. My educational pursuits would not be possible without generous support from scholarship sponsors like your organisation."

– Sarah Llewellyn, The Australian National University - Australia,
Fall 2013 Study Abroad Scholarship recipient ($1,000)

Maija Pulkkinen

"I am truly honoured and greatful to receive the Golden Key Community Service Award. Volunteering in The Philippines was incredibly rewarding and challenging experience for me and it means lot to me to being recognised for the community service I have done. It is also a great encouragement for my future, as I hope to work in the field of International Development. I am very greatful for this generous award and it will go towards my next international volunteering trip in 2014. "


Maija Pulkkinen, La Trobe University - Australia,
Fall 2013 Community Service Scholarship recipient ($1,000)

Gene Katsevman

“I am incredibly honored and thankful to receive the Golden Key Education Debt Reduction Award! I am from Chicago, Illinois, and graduated from Loyola University Chicago in 2010 with majors in biology and philosophy and minors in bioethics, psychology, and neuroscience. It is during my undergraduate studies that I became involved with Golden Key, and I could not be happier regarding that decision. As a current fourth year medical student at Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine, I am beginning to embark on the residency application process as I aspire to match in a neurosurgical program. This award will be of great help with residency applications and the interview process. It will also help alleviate the financial burden that comes with graduate school. The mission of Golden Key is one that resonates with me, and I am thankful for an organization that values education and celebrates a commitment to life-long learning. Thank you to everyone at Golden Key for this generous award!”

– Gene Katsevman, Loyola University Chicago - USA,
Spring 2013 Education Debt Reduction Award winner ($5,000)

Kayla Stan “It is a tremendous privilege to be recognized by Golden Key International Honour Society. Receiving an Undergraduate Achievement Scholarship signifies to me that I have been successful in living and promoting the values of this organization every day in a meaningful way. I am so honoured and humbled by that recognition. It also acknowledges the assistance and support of family and friends who have given me unconditional mentorship and encouragement during my journey thus far. It is my desire to continue to be a leader on campus and in the community, and my ongoing commitment is to achieve the highest standards of academic excellence while engaging in service to others through meaningful actions that provide lasting, tangible outcomes.”


Kayla Stan, University of Alberta - Canada,
Spring 2013 Undergraduate Achievement Scholarship winner ($5,000)

Thierry Fonkui

“I was very happy to learn that I was a recipient of the 2013 Research Grant Award, Spring selection. Thank you for your generosity and I appreciate your confidence in me and willingness to contribute to my future education. I am a biotechnologist major with an emphasis in biochemistry planning to further more with my studies within the field of nanotechnology in continuation with the current Master’s project at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. I am so glad to know that my education is important to you. This generous offer has limited my financial burden and given me an opportunity to avail more myself in academic with hope to inspire other students to achieve their goals and make their place a better place to be.”

– Thierry Fonkui, University of Johannesburg - South Africa,
Spring 2013 Golden Key Research Grant winner ($1,000)


Nishtha Vashishtha

"I feel Golden Key has stood by me through the big decisions of my life, a believer in my dreams, and a supporter for me to march forward. I cannot thank Golden Key enough for their encouragement and I am absolutely ecstatic to win the 2013 Study Abroad Scholarship Award! The support of the organization in guiding young explorers and students onto their path of the dreams is commendable if not simply amazing. It’s heart-warming to know that people have faith in the dreams you envision and this award for me is that and even more. I am from Delhi, India, and have recently started my masters in Human Rights at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). The institution is great and I am learning a lot everyday, towards achieving my dream of becoming a human rights activist and be part of change in whichever way possible. In a rather similar way I feel that’s what Golden Key does too, it nurtures talent while emphasising on excellence. It gives you an opportunity to strive more and more, be it in the sphere of academics, leadership or service."

Nishtha Vashishtha, University of Delhi-Lady Shri Ram College - India,
Spring 2013 Study Abroad Scholarship recipient ($1,000)

Shanling Feiran Yu

"It is my honorary pleasure to receive the Outstanding Alumni Scholarship Award. This award will enable me to participate in more Golden Key networking events and conferences, which will in turn, expand my professional network. In the coming year I would like to gain more insights in leadership and community service, so that I could use my connections, experience and knowledge to help other GK members in their professional development."



Shanling Feiran Yu, La Trobe University - Australia,
Spring 2013 Outstanding Alumni Award recipient ($1,000)


Sarah Saylor

“Receiving recognition for my commitment to leadership, academics and service, values that I share with Golden Key, is especially meaningful because it recognizes not only my past and present but also my future. This generous award will assist me on my path to obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree from the Indiana School of Social Work. This award is proof that hard work does not go unrecognized and as long as you put your heart into it, anything is possible.”


– Sarah Saylor, Indiana University Purdue University - USA,
Spring 2013 GEICO Life Scholarship winner ($1,000)

Elahe Rostami

"I have graduated with a Bachelors in Industrial Design from UPM(Malaysia) focusing on design for extreme affordability. Gaining basic knowledge in conception of new product development process, now I have the chance to complement my knowledge of technical and contextual aspects of media and cultivate my own creative potential and artistic voice at the Bauhaus-Universitat Weimar in Germany. Throughout my academic career I have always strived for excellence as means for greater contributions to my community. Receiving this scholarship will make that goal much easier to obtain. Your generosity is much appreciated and accepted with extreme honour. I once again thank you sincerely for believing in me. "

Elahe Rostami Ravari, Universiti Putra Malaysia - Malaysia,
Summer 2013 Study Abroad Scholarship recipient ($1,000)


Kevin Tuyau

"Receiving this reward was a genuine surprise. I feel very proud to be a part of Golden Key and help out when I can. I’m very humbled to know that people appreciate the work that I have done and that I have made a positive impact on other members of Golden Key. I am very interested in the media industry and hope to make a career in journalism and filmmaking. I’ll probably use my grant to help pay for courses to further enhance my presenting, writing and managing ability. "


Kevin Tuyau, Swinburne University of Technology - Australia,
Regional Student Leader of the Year Award 2013-Asia-Pacific recipient ($1,000)


Michelle Esterhuizen

"I am very honoured to have been selected as a winner of the Undergraduate Achievement Award this year. I am a firm believer in Golden Key’s three pillars of academics, leadership and service and receiving recognition for my efforts in promoting this philosophy makes me extremely proud – not only in my own efforts, but also that of our committee at Flinders University, South Australia. I hope that others will be able to follow in our committee’s footsteps and enjoy the successes that comes from hard work and dedication. As I will be graduating soon, I am saddened by the fact that I will be stepping away from my leadership role, however, I hope to continue to be a leader in the workforce and beyond. Receiving this award gives me confidence that I will be able to do so. I cannot thank Golden Key enough for the personal and professional development opportunities it has provided throughout my university career, which have contributed to making me the person I am today. My endless thanks to everyone who helped make that possible."

Michelle Esterhuizen, Flinders University - Australia,
Spring 2013 Undergraduate Achievement Scholarship recipient ($5,000)


Yvonne Yu

“To win the 2013 Visual and Performing Arts Achievement Award for Mixed Media is an extreme honor for me. The award proved to me that my skills are capable of great heights and I am glad to be recognised for it. The monetary award will also be a big help in supporting my goal to becoming a self-employed artist after graduating from my education in animation and interactive media. I am very pleased to add this scholarship award, given to me by Golden Key, to my list of academic achievements. I thank Golden Key for giving me the opportunity to prove myself.”


– Yvonne Yu, RMIT University - Australia,
Spring 2013 Visual & Performing Arts Achievement Award- Mixed Media Category recipient ($1,000)


Meenambuka Durvasula

"I was pleasantly surprised when I got to know that I had been selected for Study Abroad – Summer Selection. I feel greatly honoured with the international recognition bestowed on me by Golden Key for recognising my academic achievements. This award would not only help me self-support my MSc in Economics at the University College London, but also reaffirm the faith that hard work does get recognised and appreciated- a great feeling difficult to express in words. This is a big development in my life as it gives me a moral boost and creates self-confidence to excel and continue to pursue academic excellence through the course and beyond. Thank you Golden Key for giving me the opportunity to prove myself!! "

Meenambuka Durvasula, University of Delhi-Sri Venkateswara College - India,
Spring 2013 Study Abroad Scholarship recipient ($1,000)


Kevin Wessell

"For myself, winning this award makes the difference in studying without financial constraint or burden, but more so, it encourages me in that Golden Key International Honour Society truly invests in and rewards its members. This scholarship signifies the sincere member appreciation and support given by this exemplary society, which in my experience have not yet been matched by other membership organizations. Regarding graduate studies I intend on studying Theology, still in deciding as to where, although I am confident that Golden Key and its services may very well assist me in finding the right school in the future. I wish to express my utmost gratitude for being selected for the scholarship, and I pledge to put it to its best use abroad."


Kevin Wessell, The University of New Mexico - USA,
Spring 2013 Study Abroad Scholarship winner ($1,000)

Katherine Appleby

"I have recently completed a Bachelor of Creative Arts through the University of Southern Queensland. Initially I trained as a teacher; however, art has always been my passion, my ‘first love’. As a result, just three years ago I left my teaching position and moved interstate to embark on a Bachelor of Creative Arts. This has been the most rewarding decision and experience of my life. I am thrilled and honoured to receive this. This award is an encouragement to me and my arts practice and a confirmation of the level I am achieving. It will also enable me to gain necessary equipment and supplies that are needed to continue to develop my arts practice. Thank you to Golden Key for spurring me forward in my desire to achieve great things."

Katherine Appleby, University of Southern Queensland - Australia,
Summer 2013 Visual & Performing Arts Achievement Award Painting Category recipient ($1,000)


Noriza Abu Hassan Shaari

"I am completely humbled and at the same time overcome with joy for being selected as a recipient of the 2012 Golden Key Graduate Scholar Award. Winning this prestigious award means a lot to me; not only is it an international recognition for me as an individual, for my university, and my country, it is also an inspiration to my children to strive to achieve academic and career excellence. I am extremely grateful for this funding assistance as it allows me to continue my doctoral program in Instructional Design and Technology at West Virginia University without financial hindrance. Thank you Golden Key – you are a strong support and an inspiration to me!"


– Noriza Abu Hassan Shaari, West Virginia University - USA,
Fall 2012 Graduate Scholar Award winner ($10,000)