Golden Key
What a World - Programs & Priviledges

Academic Programs

Golden Key believes in connecting its members with continuing educational opportunities. Society members are granted access to numerous academic scholarships and awards amounting to $1,000,000 annually. Those interested in pursuing an MBA or other graduate degree can take advantage of Golden Key’s Graduate School Connections portal, which houses information about graduate school entrance exams, recruitment events and programs at top schools. Furthermore, members gain real-life experience in their field of choice through unique internship opportunities and study abroad programs.

Leadership Opportunities

Personal and professional development is key to unlocking your potential, and Golden Key can provide the tools you need to get there. The Society has an On-Demand Training Library, accessible with your member ID, full of tips and instructional videos to help you improve your skills in the areas of leadership, goal-setting and teamwork. The Golden Key Job Board offers insights and opportunities to put your leadership skills into practice. And at the chapter level, members can become officers and use their new abilities to interact with their peers. Sign in to access the Training Library.

Service Projects

Giving is an art, and Golden Key members are privileged to enjoy this art in a number of ways, from local service events to global Make a Difference days. Golden Key partners with various non-profit organizations to provide volunteer and fundraising opportunities for its members. Though the focus is on literacy, Society-sponsored events range from organizing a race to fight cancer to clothing the homeless. Members are invited to participate in local projects at their home institution and global projects at Regional and International Summits.