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01.09.18 Golden Key’s Executive Director Brad Rainey Reflects on 40 Years of Golden Key

Brad Rainey, Golden Key’s Executive Director, Reflects on What Golden Key Has Become in 40 Years . . . and What Its Future Holds.

12.07.17 Golden Key International Honour Society Celebrates its Fortieth Anniversary

Back in 1977, a group of students had a vision for a new kind of campus organization – an honor society that would empower high–achieving students to become future world leaders.Georgia Governor Nathan Deal Recognizes Golden Key on its 40th Anniversary

On our 40th Anniversary, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal gave us the gift of commending our members and recognizing the Society. Thank you to our entire GK family for your hard work and dedication to Golden Key. Click here to see the scanned Proclamation!  Here’s to the next 40 years!

11.27.17 Adnan Bokhari: Humanitarian, Activist, Golden Key Supporter

Adnan Bokhari has been Chairman of Golden Key’s Board of Directors since August 2016. Read about his inspiring story and what drew him to Golden Key.Golden Key Leader Profile: Dr. Derek Swemmer, Lifelong Advocate for Students and Golden Key

We are pleased to present this profile of Dr. Derek Swemmer, a leader in education, in the life of students, in Golden Key . . . and in the public life of his homeland, South Africa.Why Honor Societies Have Admissions Requirements

Have you been invited to join Golden Key International Honour Society? Or would you like to join?

11.07.17 Fall 2017 Scholarship Winners Announced!

Today, we’re excited to display the recipients of the Fall 2017 Golden Key headquarters awards!

11.06.17 Golden Key Profiles Avery Hlavinka, Star Student and Golden Key Member

Golden Key Profiles Avery Hlavinka, Star Student and Golden Key Member

09.25.17 Golden Key Appreciates its Honorary Members!

At Golden Key, we invite the top-performing 15% of sophomores through graduate students at universities to join the Society. Have you heard about our honorary members? We, as well as our chapter members, enjoy electing notable and impactful leaders on campus and in the community as honorary mem[...]

09.13.17 Golden Key Scholar Profile: Patrick McCauley

Patrick McCauley is one of the winners of Golden Key’s 2016 Graduate Scholar Award (US$10,000). He  graduated from James Madison University in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in physics and is now studying solar storms as a PhD student at the University of Sydney. Before moving to Sydney in 2016,[...]