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03.22.19 Be a leader of tomorrow. Join Golden Key Today.

Being part of Golden Key is not just about making a difference today. Your membership gives you access to a whole host of benefits and opportunities that will help to develop your skills and experience as a future leader. We’re currently taking nominations for the Golden Key International Leade[...]

03.22.19 Nominate now for the Golden Key International Leadership Council (ILC) Awards

Have you or someone you know shown exceptional leadership over the past year? We are currently taking nominations for the 2019 Golden Key International Leadership Council (ILC) Awards–and would love you to have your say! Nominations close Friday 29 March, 2019. Nominate Now The award is open to[...]

03.15.19 Travel Abroad. Change the World. Join Golden Key.

Voluntourism is the new black, especially for anyone who wants to make a difference, which happens to be nearly every Golden Key member in the world. We’re so proud of our members. They are changing the world and leading the voluntourism movement. Whether they’re helping to build homes for[...]

03.13.19 Golden Key Spotlight: Issa Kabeer

Issa Kabeer is on a hero’s journey.  A graduate student in Diversity Leadership at Temple University, he used to shy away from campus activities before joining Golden Key. Now, Issa sparks the flame within us to become greater versions of ourselves.  As co-president of his local [...]

03.08.19 GK March Mania: Why membership is forever…

“We’re here to help you kick-start your career, we’ll be there as you work your way up the ladder and we’ll help you celebrate your milestones along the way.” Golden Key is FOREVER in the best way possible. We’ll always be by your side and an unwavering source of support–because Gol[...]

03.03.19 Leap toward your future…

Take a flying leap toward your future with Golden Key for #MarchMania We CAN’T Keep Calm. It’s #MarchMania! It’s no secret that #MarchMadness is about to be unleashed across our nation’s colleges and universities. We’re joining in the excitement with our very own #MarchMania. It’s time for the [...]

03.01.19 Golden Key Member Spotlights: Submit your story.

It’s your turn for the SpotLight! Submit your profile below and the Golden Key Spotlight Team will be in touch with next steps. Share up to 3 programs you helped run on your campus that can inspire other Golden Key chapters. We’re looking for actionable ideas to help all chapters gr[...]

02.15.19 Three things every freshman needs for success in 2019

Hey, Mom! Give yourself a pat on the back. You did it—you raised one smart kid who’s about to own freshman year at college. We know how hard the transition can be—and not just for teens. At Golden Key, we’re here to support your student and you—the proud Mom who’s made it all possible. On […]

02.13.19 New Scholarships for 2019

Get that scholarship in 2019!   If you’re not a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society, you’re missing out—big time. We recently announced our 2019 scholarships. All members are eligible to apply in 2019! This is one of the most attractive benefits of being part of the Golde[...]


Golden Key Partners 💛 Golden Key Members We’ve joined with some amazing partners that believe in you. Our Member Benefits Partners are the cream of the crop: Bank of America. GEICO. ISLP. The Intern Group, Dream Careers and These generous partners have hand-picked a slew of di[...]