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Plan an International Night that Rocks One of the greatest benefits of being a member of Golden Key is working with amazing high performers from all cultures, nations, and backgrounds. Nothing brings out the beauty of Golden Key’s global network like our eagerly anticipated International Summit[...]


So, you want to grow your chapter? Fantastic. And you have lots of amazing ideas to try out on your campus? Even better. But just like a fast-growing company, you can’t do it alone. Take a lesson from Brianna Perez, Golden Key Chapter President at Baruch College. Brianna is everything you want [...]


Help Freshman Experience the Best of Golden Key We recently interviewed Brianna Perez, Chapter President for Baruch College. In addition to inspiring ideas for great leadership, she also shared the best of the best of the programs her local chapter runs and loves. Brianna has ideas to share for[...]

01.03.19 GOLDEN KEY SPOTLIGHT: Brianna Perez

Meet Brianna Perez, Class of 2019: She’s bold. She cares. And she inspires Golden Key members worldwide. Brianna Perez, a finance major and president of the Golden Key Chapter at Baruch College in Queens, New York, used to be shy. Not that you’d ever suspect it. She is the bold leader of her ch[...]

11.29.18 Time is running out! Don’t let $10K slip away!

Look, we know you’re well qualified to win a Golden Key Scholarship, and you know the benefits are huge. You’d be crazy to miss out!  Here’s how to make sure you don’t! Here are 3 simple steps you must take before Dec. 15 if you want a Golden Key Scholarship worth up to $10,000. STEP…

11.20.18 In the Spotlight: Three amazing Golden Key Scholarships that could be yours

There’s money out there for the taking! It’s just waiting to be awarded to smart, talented students like you. Imagine: Money to travel. Money to conduct research. Money to create art. Want to hear more? Check out just 3 of the dozens of Golden Key scholarships that you should apply for today: T[...]

11.16.18 Frequently Asked Questions about Golden Key Scholarships

It’s that time of year! The time of year when we get lots of questions about the Golden Key Scholarships. Why? Because the scholarship deadline for members is quickly approaching! Be sure to get your scholarship applications in by 15 December 2018! Not yet a member? Well, get on it! You need to[...]

11.09.18 Are you leaving scholarship money on the table?

Question: What’s in it for me? Answer: Scholarships! Ask any Golden Key member to name the top three benefits of membership, and you’re likely to hear one answer over and over: scholarships. Cash money for travel and study. For graduate students and undergrads. For making dreams come true and a[...]

11.09.18 Go for the Gold by 15 Dec 2018*. Here’s why.

Here’s why you should go for Gold and become a Golden Key Member. *2018 Membership Deadline is 15 December 2018! Did you get an invitation to join the Golden Key International Honour Society? Congratulations and well done! That invitation is proof of your talent and achievements. Membership in [...]

08.21.18 GK Chapter Hosts Annual ‘Toasties for Tummies’ Event to Honor Nelson Mandela

To honor the legacy of Nelson Mandela, the Golden Key Chapter at Stellenbosch University (located in South Africa) worked in partnership with Matie Community Service, a non-profit organization of the university, to host the annual Toasties for Tummies event. Toasties for Tummies is an initiativ[...]