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Mentoring Development Model

Golden Key Mentoring Awareness Session (G~MAS)

This is the gateway to Golden Key’s Mentoring
Development Programme.  We are very
excited about this initiative which aims to develop and register a cadre of
highly skilled Golden Key Mentors across our global network. 

So we welcome you. 
We are delighted you have chosen to explore the potential and
possibility of becoming a Golden Key Registered Mentor. 

The purpose of this introductory module is to orient
you to Mentoring as a practice. 


This module consists of a number of key topics
designed to help you make a decision as to whether this journey of development
and service to others (Mentees) within Golden Key is for you.  Upon completion of this material you will be
offered the option to proceed into the program proper, and sign up for Phase 1,
or to exit.   


The content of this module covers the following
elements :

1.    What is Mentoring?

2.    What are the personal qualities
of a Mentor?

3.    What competencies and
core skills are needed to be a Mentor?

4.    What makes a quality

5.    What is the Value
proposition for becoming a Mentor?

6.    What are the
qualities, challenges and needs of a Mentee?

7.    How does the Mentoring
development journey work at Golden Key?

8.    Q&A.

9.    Decision whether to
proceed into the development program. 


It is ideal to complete this module in one sitting if
possible, however if not, you may leave and re-join later to complete the


The G~MAS module will take approximately 4 hours of your time.


If you are ready? 
Let’s begin.  Just click on the
button below and you will be taken directly into the G~MAS session.  Enjoy!