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Your chapter is your home away from home. Housed on college campuses in Australia, Canada, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, The Bahamas and the United States, chapters provide members with a range of services and connections ranging from leadership and volunteer opportunities to internships and training programs. The chapters are part of a continuum—an esteemed legacy of accomplished, like-minded people, and each member shares his or her individual attributes to strengthen that legacy.

As chapter officers or project volunteers, members can cultivate leadership skills that will prepare them for professional and personal success. Interaction with accomplished chapter advisors and university leaders furthers that goal by providing guidance and knowledge, and chapter events offer an easy way for members to network with other motivated and goal-oriented students. Chapters also sponsor campus seminars featuring accomplished speakers and workshops offering specialized training to enhance member leadership and academic skills.

The benefits of Golden Key don’t stop at graduation! Alumni can remain active in the organization by applying for awards, updating their profiles online and taking advantage of the discounts offered by banks, bookstores, insurance companies and so much more.

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Based on the campuses at top colleges and universities, each chapter plans unique service and leadership activities to benefit the local community. Chapter members share a lifelong passion for learning. Click here to find a chapter near you.