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A United Nations of college students, advisors and alumni, Golden Key brings together ambitious, scholarly, community-minded people from all walks of life. Members make up their own melting pot—each with a different background, history and culture. Each contributes unique experiences and attributes to the spirit of the whole, and each has a different story to tell. Scroll through the images below to get acquainted with some model Golden Key members.

  • Darryl Lewis

    Darryl Lewis

    My name is Darryl, and I am studying Pharmaceutical Studies at North Carolina Central University....

  • Amanda Evans

    Amanda Evans

    I am studying Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Mathematics and Biomedical Engineering at Color...

  • Christopher McClure

    Christopher McClure

    I was born in Clinton, Missouri in which, while working at a factory, I met my now wife Shayna.  ...

  • Marvil Michaels

    Marvil Michaels

    I am an Accounting and Chinese student at UNLV.  I am happy to be the Literacy and Service Direct...

  • Danesha Winfrey

    Danesha Winfrey

    When I transferred to the University of Memphis upon graduating Southwest Tennessee Community Col...

  • Eric Prince

    Eric Prince

    I am a native Chicagoan.  I was born and raised on the South side of Chicago in what was then cal...

  • Oseogie Okojie

    Oseogie Okojie

    As a young student in college, I am faced with one of the most important stages of life. The deci...

  • Rachana Haliyur

    Rachana Haliyur

    As I began my sophomore year, I was looking for more structured ways to participate in a variety ...

  • Janile Nelson

    Janile Nelson

    I used to volunteer in high school when I got the chance but since coming to college, my schedule...

  • Jil Weiskopf

    Jil Weiskopf

    I'd never heard of Golden Key until a friend invited me to attend their International Summit whil...

  • Kelsey Schirm

    Kelsey Schirm

    When I was in my sophomore year of college at Iowa State University it seemed like I was getting ...

  • Chandler Williams

    Chandler Williams

    When I first arrived at Kennesaw State University, I knew that I had to become a more involved st...

  • Zartasha Shah

    Zartasha Shah

    As a member of GK, I have gotten a chance to work as a volunteer with a talented group of student...

  • Wilber Lio

    Wilber Lio

    Our Associate Director was invited as the Keynote Speaker at a nearby chapter’s Induction Ceremon...

  • Nakeyah Martin

    Nakeyah Martin

    Two and a half years ago, I had no idea where I was headed. I was 22 years old with a new born ba...

  • Crystal Suen

    Crystal Suen

    When I was first recruited by the Cal State LA Golden Key chapter President, Jennifer Chau, in 20...

  • Kirkstern Ford-Turner

    Kirkstern Ford-Turner

    Army veteran, mother of three, two 150lb Bull Mastiffs and a college student, sounds hectic and i...

  • Craig Fleisher

    Craig Fleisher

    I became a (proud) member of GKIHS at the University of Florida back in 1982. The next year, I wa...

  • Jennifer Tomon

    Jennifer Tomon

    Admittedly, I first joined Golden Key as an undergraduate due to the benefits of being associated...

  • Cecilia Manrique

    Cecilia Manrique

    Who would have thought that a vertically-challenged woman from a third world country could reach ...

  • Laura Lord

    Laura Lord

    The countless experiences I have had through Golden Key has greatly impacted my life. One of the ...

  • Mary White

    Mary White

    Golden Key has impacted me to become a more selfless person. As I work with the students and seei...

  • Allison Bitter

    Allison Bitter

    I was surprised but pleased to receive an invite to join Golden Key International Honour Society ...

  • Shatira Wilson

    Shatira Wilson

    Initially, I was not aware of the many benefits that came along with being a member of Golden Key...

  • Tonneka Caddell

    Tonneka Caddell

    My position as a leader of the Clark Atlanta University chapter has made me proud to be a member ...

  • Annie Stevens

    Annie Stevens

    When I first arrived at UNH in 2008, I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do with my degree, an...

  • Heather Bonham

    Heather Bonham

    My name is Heather Bonham, and I am honored to have become a member of Golden Key. Currently, I a...

  • Victoria Wong

    Victoria Wong

    I am known for smiling, always. My friends and family view me as the perpetual optimist, occasion...

  • Rebecca Rivard

    Rebecca Rivard

    As an undergraduate at the University of Connecticut, Becky created her own individualized major,...

  • Michelle Perkins

    Michelle Perkins

    I have watched the last 7 years of my life go by; all of the people that I went to high school wi...

  • Samantha Decenzo

    Samantha Decenzo

    I was sixteen years old when I withdrew from high school and seventeen years of age when I earned...

  • Brandon Adams

    Brandon Adams

    Having a child can do wonders for your drive and motivation. I have never been one to settle for ...

  • Hannah Foss

    Hannah Foss

    I am a senior in the BFA program at UAF, located in Fairbanks, Alaska. I grew up in Adelaide, Sou...

  • Tara Brown

    Tara Brown

    I became a member of this society a couple years ago, I never knew how much this would or could b...

  • Krsity Ryan

    Krsity Ryan

    I was recently invited to join Golden Key after a year and a half of enrollment at Ashford Univer...

  • Jerry Vega

    Jerry Vega

    I am currently a senior at Northern Arizona University. I will graduate in May of 2012 with a deg...

  • Amanda Carmichael

    Amanda Carmichael

    With one year of school under my belt at East Tennessee State University, I felt that I was ready...

  • Bailey Pierce

    Bailey Pierce

    My name is Bailey Pierce, and I am currently attending Metropolitan State College of Denver. I am...

  • Carrie Miller

    Carrie Miller

    I am a 43-year-old mother of two girls ages 15 and 5. I live in Holly, MI, and work in Grand Blan...

  • Sandra Mai

    Sandra Mai

    Golden Key has been a great opportunity for me during my undergraduate studies at Old Dominion Un...

  • Chris Carlisle

    Chris Carlisle

    After many years of just going through the strides of everyday life, I came to the realization th...

  • Jessica Hinkley

    Jessica Hinkley

    My name is Jessica Hinkley and I am currently a senior nursing student at the University of New H...

  • Housseine Mheimid

    Housseine Mheimid

    I attend the Golden Key Regional Summit on 02/17/12 through 02/19/12 by the Kansas State Golden K...

  • Tara Winters

    Tara Winters

    My family tells me that I have always had a book in my hands. My grandmother would place me in my...

  • Keivan Zolfaghari

    Keivan Zolfaghari

    What I have learned outside the college classroom has been just, if not more, important than what...

  • Rubina Malik

    Rubina Malik

    I toiled in the corporate world for over seven years, but my sense of purpose was curbed by the e...


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