What are the Terms & Conditions of Golden Key membership?

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1. Membership to Golden Key International Honour Society is facilitated through partner universities whereby students who meet the criteria of being in the top 15% of their cohort are extended a formal invitation to join.

2. Without access to top 15% benchmarks at local universities, the society reserves the right to approve at its discretion.

3. The membership fee, as stipulated on our website and updated from time to time, is for lifelong membership. There are no subsequent renewals or premiums.

Lifetime is defined as lifetime of the product. If the product is ever discontinued, Golden Key International Honour Society has no liability to continue to provide the services and the user agrees that all services have been fully delivered and were satisfactory. There is no continuing liability on the behalf of Golden Key International Honour Society with regards to the user.

4. Membership includes various benefits as provided by the Society.

5. Benefits provided to members at the time of joining are subject to adjustment without notice.

6. Members have access to their online profile by supplied login details where profile, program, and benefits are facilitated.

7. Golden Key will send out information relevant to members from time to time via various mediums. These may include information on events and initiatives, partner opportunities, and general Society news. Members may adjust their contact permissions at any stage.

8. All members of Golden Key may choose to stand as an elected officer within their local chapter committee.

9. Participation of members within Society events and initiatives, while recommended, is entirely voluntary.

10. Refer to our order and shipping policy for fulfilment information.

11. Refer to our privacy policy for more information – Golden Key respects your privacy and does not have access to your student records.