Now that I have received the invitation and want to join, what do I do?

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You can accept your membership invitation by doing one of the following: (check out the How to Join page as well)

A. Join online via our secure website (US, Canada, and Asia-Pacific region only). Your letter of information or email will provide you with specific instructions on how to accept your membership and pay online. If you have lost your letter please reach out to your local regional office. – USA/Canada/Bahamas – Australia/New Zealand – India – Malaysia – South Africa

B. Begin the join process online (US, Canada and Asia-Pacific region only), then print out the completed form and mail with the payment to your local headquarters.

C. Mail the completed Membership Acceptance Form and complete fee payment to Golden Key Headquarters in Atlanta, Ga., or to your region’s local office as indicated on the pre-addressed return envelope. The acceptance form must arrive at by the “reply-by” date to produce your certificate in time for the induction.

If your Membership Acceptance Form arrives at Golden Key Headquarters after the deadline, you must request a certificate from Member Services to be mailed to your current address. Member Services can be reached by email at Please note that your certificate will take 6-8 weeks to arrive. However, you should still plan on attending the new member recognition event so that you can be recognized.

Be recognized! Attend the new member recognition event for all new members; though you may bring as many guests as you like, the favor of a RSVP may be asked by your chapter for planning purposes.