Are graduate students allowed to join?

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Rules vary by country. In Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa* and the United States, graduate students can join. In Malaysia, graduate students are not eligible for membership.

U.S. chapters may elect to conduct a graduate student mailing membership campaign. The invitations are extended to top performing graduate school students. Because eligibility varies, please contact the chapter advisor at your university or Golden Key Headquarters for more information.

If your undergraduate institution has a Golden Key chapter, and you met that chapter’s membership requirements as an undergraduate, you can join at your undergraduate university. Your certificate of membership in Golden Key must be based on your undergraduate grades. Your certificate will be mailed to you. However, you can choose to attend and be recognized at the upcoming New Member Recognition Event at your current university. When you arrive at the event, please have your name added to the list of new members who will be called during the ceremony.

To join, please submit a copy of your undergraduate transcript to U.S. Headquarters. If your university allows you to download a copy of your transcript from the internet, you may do so and e-mail a copy to The transcript does not have to be official, but it must contain your name, cumulative course hours and grade point average. Course audit reports and individual semester/quarter reports are not acceptable. When submitting a transcript for consideration, please make sure to include your mailing address, telephone number and email address.

*In South Africa, graduate students are allowed to join Golden Key if their cumulative average of their undergraduate studies placed them in the top 15% of their respective faculty.