Details for Golden Key Research Grant

Golden Key Research Grant

1.)   A description of no more than 4 pages of the proposed research.  Include documented evidence of invitation to present at a specific professional association conference or research symposia if applicable.

2.)   A budget that summarizes the overall cost of attending the event and/or how the grant money will be used to support the research.

3.)   Résumé/CV

4.)   A current and comprehensive academic transcript.  Unofficial transcripts will be accepted.

All winners and non-winners will be notified via email up to 120 days following the listed application deadline date, which will be no later than April 15, 2018.

CLICK HERE to apply for the Golden Key Research Grant - Selection. (15 December Deadline) If prompted, the Program Key is   GKResearchDec.

Emphasis will be based on the quality of the proposed research submission and how this grant will allow the member to accomplish a critical part of his/her research.
Monday 07 August 2017
Friday 15 December 2017

Must be a current undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate student, Full Time or Part Time and currently enrolled in classes in a degree-granting program.

Must be a Golden Key member.