Details for QS Graduate Scholar Award

QS Graduate Scholar Award

This scholarship awards Golden Key members who have proven academic excellence combined with a solid range of extracurricular activities. This scholarship supports members' post-baccalaureate study at accredited universities anywhere in the world.

1) Print out the cover page of the QS World Grad School Tour Event or QS Connect Masters Event and use it as the cover page for your entire application. 

2) Attach the following required documentation in the order listed below:

  • A printed copy of the email registration confirmation for the tour OR a copy of the registration confirmation page received at the event.
  • A photocopy of your QS World Grad School Tour badge, received upon arrival at the event.
  • A short statement of your experience at the event.
  • A personal résumé that includes the following information:
    • List of universities attended, degree(s) with dates received, and academic attainment (cumulative GPA, VAM or academic percentage).
    • List of extracurricular activities detailing involvement in campus and community service, including any involvement in Golden Key.
    • List any work history.
    • List any special circumstances, including family commitments.

3) One standard size page of paper* that specifically answers the following questions regarding your graduate degree program:

  • What program(s) will you pursue?
  • To what universities have you applied?
  • What is the status of your application?
  • When do you plan to begin the program(s)?
  • What is your anticipated date of completion?
  • What other financial support for your graduate studies do you currently have? Please provide the scholarship or loan name, amount of award or loan and date conferred.

 *In the US, letter-sized paper is required. In other countries, please use the most commonly accepted paper size.

4) One essay of no more than 1,000 words that states why you are applying, why you are pursuing a graduate degree, how the Society’s commitment to academic excellence will be furthered by your studies, and your commitment to campus and community service.

5) A current and comprehensive official academic transcript(s) from all collegiate level institutions attended. The transcript does not have to be sealed.

6) A letter of recommendation from ONE of the following:

  • A previous or current employer outlining your position and your professional skills.
  • A faculty member in your major field of study.
  • A faculty member who is familiar with the candidate’s minor field of study or other areas of interest. A letter from another professor in your major field of study is acceptable.

      PLEASE NOTE: All application documents should be mailed directly to the following address:

      Golden Key International Honour Society

      Attention:  Scholarships and Awards

      1040 Crown Pointe Parkway

      Suite 900

      Atlanta, Georgia  30338

      Winners and non-winners will be notified via email within 120 days following the listed application deadline date.

Academic achievement and extracurricular activities.
Tuesday 10 January 2017
Tuesday 30 January 2018
  • The applicant must register and attend one of the QS World Grad School Tour or QS Connect Masters 121 Events.
  • The applicant must have received their undergraduate degree prior to December 31, 2017.
  • The applicant must be enrolled, as a full-time student, in a Masters or PhD program of study at an accredited institution during the academic year immediately following the granting of the award.