Details for Golden Key Education Debt Reduction Award

Golden Key Education Debt Reduction Award

1.)   A personal statement of no more than 3 pages, discussing your personal and professional goals over the next ten years.  Be sure to address what are the most significant experiences in your background that have influenced your chosen path since obtaining your degree.

2.)   Answers to the following two questions (500 words max, per question):

  1. What impact would this $10,000 have on your current financial situation?
  2. What financial obstacles have you had to overcome in obtaining your degree?

3.)   A list of all student currently active loans and financial assistance received while enrolled in classes at the undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate level.  Official documentation of all currently active loans is required to be submitted with your application. Please note:  Documentation can consist of a listing of currently active loans from lending service providers, college/university financial aide offices or other financial lending institutions such as banks.  Online copies are acceptable as long as they are scanned and uploaded as a pdf.

4.)   Résumé/CV

 Winners and non-winners will be notified via email up to 120 days following the listed application deadline date.

CLICK HERE to apply for the Education Debt Reduction Scholarship. (15 December Deadline) If prompted, the Program Key is GKDebtDec.

Emphasis will be placed on professional goals and plans for the future, listing of student loans and impact this award would have on a member’s current financial situation.
Monday 07 August 2017
Friday 15 December 2017
  • Alumni, graduate and post-graduate students who have obtained a degree can apply.
  • Undergraduate members, at the time of deadline date, are not eligible to apply for this award.
  • Must be a Golden Key member.