Golden Key Event CSU Student Leadership Awards

CSU Student Leadership Awards
LSC Grand Ballroom
Colorado State University
6 - 8 PM
The CSU Student Leadership Awards is a large and semi-formal awards program coordinated to honor individuals and registered student organizations (RSO) that have had an impact on the CSU and Fort Collins communities through formal and informal experiences of student leadership, campus involvement, and community engagement. Nearly 300 students, advisors, and facilitators of SLiCE programs and RSOs attend each year. During this spirited event we present awards and recognize a variety of SLiCE programs and people. For Registered Student Organizations, the following 4 areas are divided into 11 varying awards: organizational performance; student leadership; service, diversity, and educational programming; and advising. Please join us for an evening full of CSU pride and fun as we celebrate all the great accomplishments CSU students and RSOs do in the community! The CSU Student Leadership Awards is free to attend. All student participants in SLiCE programs, including RSOs, as well as faculty and staff advisors, facilitators, and instructors associated with SLiCE and RSOs, are welcome to attend. For more information and for nominations, please go to:
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