Golden Key Event SPARK-College Matters

SPARK-College Matters
University of New Mexico
The University of New Mexico
8:00 AM
What does college life look like? Do I want to go to college? Many seniors are faced with these questions, and we plan to assist them in finding their own answers. UNM’s Golden Key International Honour Society organizing a program for High School seniors who are interested in seeing what college life is all about. This program is designed to give seniors the opportunity to attend 1-2 college classes and meet college students from various degree programs. In addition, we plan to show students that being in college is more than just going to class, but it is also about being involved in organizations and making unique connections that will surely help pave their way to a successful career. This event will take place on February 23,2018. We are looking for volunteers from various degree programs who are interested in participate as mentors in this activity. Approximately 2-3 high school seniors will be assigned per mentor. Seniors will follow their mentors to their morning/afternoon classes during that day, then we will all meet afterwards and debrief, play games, eat and socialize. This will be a fun event for both the seniors and mentors. If you do not have class during Monday morning, we can assign you a class to attend. We look forward to seeing you at this event.
Andres Duran
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