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Author: Ashleigh Hartley

Golden Key Spotlight: Marisa Duong

Golden Key Spotlight: Marisa Duong

By Connor Simpson Marisa Duong joined Golden Key in 2017 after discovering the society through her Bachelor of Philosophy degree coordinator. Marisa was seeking the opportunity to develop her academic career and explore fields of research that interested her. After learning more about Golden Key’s […]

How to reach our Human Potential with Stephanie Woollard

How to reach our Human Potential with Stephanie Woollard

At age 22, Stephanie Woollard founded the organisation Seven Women after meeting seven disabled women working in a tin shed in Kathmandu. Despite facing harsh discrimination, these women were working hard to make a living. With her last $200, Stephanie paid a trainer to teach the women […]

Finding a New Normal with Amy McWilliam

Finding a New Normal with Amy McWilliam

Covid-19 has impacted many things, including the office landscape. The pandemic has demonstrated to employers that many roles can now be performed remotely which has impacted the future of work flexibility.

Finding a New Normal with Amy McWilliam explores how individuals can adapt to working remotely by establishing firm but fair boundaries with employers and family to maintain productivity and well-being.

Amy McWilliam is a Registered Psychologist, with a Masters in Organisational Psychology and over 15 years’ experience consulting to some of the world’s most prestigious organisations in relation to their people and culture.

Amy says that a recent study shows due to the pandemic some changes that may occur in the future includes an increase in individuals working from home, and more data collected relating to employer productivity. However, she acknowledges working from home can be a stressful situation for many who are not used to this environment.

“Self-care is really important right now. With the pandemic there are increased rates of stress and depression for people and what we know is that not all stress is created equal,” she says.

“There are some levels of stress that actually have a positive effect on our body and on our well being, and our productivity. Good stress can keep us motivated, it can make us healthier.”

The ideal level of stress changes for each individual, Amy explains, but a ‘medium’ level of stress can keep individuals fit, healthy, confident, satisfied and more. However, when you enter ‘high’ levels of stress your work is impacted, and an individual can grow depressed and worn out.

“When it comes to the benefits and challenges of working remotely, everything can be thought of on a spectrum, and where you sit on that spectrum is really dependent on your personality, and things like your environment,” Amy says.

Amy’s webinar details the struggles of working from home but also the benefits. It provides helpful tips for those working remotely, such as how to choose a dedicated work space, and how to increase productivity.

“A lot of people find that their morning commute really helps them wake up and feel ready for work… When you’re working from home, you need to be comfortable but do some of the things you would do when preparing to go into the office. Set your alarm, make coffee, get dressed.”

For those new to working remotely, this webinar is a must watch filled with informative and helpful advice which comes directly from a registered psychologist. You can view the full recording of Amy’s webinar on our Golden Key YouTube channel.

Leading a successful organisational transformation with Samantha Wilkinson

Leading a successful organisational transformation with Samantha Wilkinson

Transformation in the workplace can be difficult to achieve for many organisations, due to the many unknown impacts it may have on a business. However, there is a way to navigate the complex transformation landscape. Samantha Wilkinson, an executive-level Human Resources professional, with a blend […]

Get connected with LinkedIn with Pratishtha Purohit

Get connected with LinkedIn with Pratishtha Purohit

Are you new to LinkedIn? Do you want to learn how to optimise the opportunities this platform offers? GK Asia-Pacific recently presented two LinkedIn orientated webinars, both of which saw host Pratishtha Purohit show members how to begin and improve their LinkedIn journey. Pratishtha is […]

Accessing Calm in the Chaos with Megumi Miki

Accessing Calm in the Chaos with Megumi Miki

“Inner calm is one of the quiet superpowers, which allows us to be creative in our responses to challenging situations rather than being reactive.”

Founder of the Quietly Powerful (QP) movement Megumi Miki recently joined our Asia Pacific GK Webinar series to present her session “Accessing Calm in the Chaos”. The webinar aimed to give members tips on remaining calm when faced with difficult situations, by sharing four mental strategies to encourage accessing your inner calm.

Megumi is a second time presenter for Golden Key, first presenting as a Keynote speaker at our GK Brisbane Summit earlier this year. Her movement Quietly Powerful (QP) aims to help quieter professionals succeed and expand the definition of what good leadership looks and sounds like.

“Accessing Calm in the Chaos” saw over 200 Golden Key members attend to gain insightful tips from Megumi, centred upon remaining calm when dealing with troubling situations.

To begin the session, Megumi invited attending members to share their feelings in response to covid-19. The response to this survey noted that a large portion admitted to feeling overwhelmed, anxious, frustrated and uncertain.

“The interesting thing about these feelings, is that chaos and uncertainty does trigger that fight or flight response mode, so please do not feel bad that you are feeling anxious or worried. It is just a natural response we will have,” Megumi said.

Megumi then stated that while this is a natural response, it was important to manage these feelings, especially after chaotic situations gradually eased, as otherwise, our stress levels could significantly impact our own health.

“What can happen, is that this (response) can generate so much stress hormone, Cortisol, that when we are in that reactive mode for too long, it actually weakens the immune system,” she said.

“In this current environment, you do not want to be weakened in your immune system, so you do have to manage that stress response and be able to find that calm.”

To aid in building inner calm, Megumi shared four mental strategies with viewers. This consisted of the following:

  1. Accept
  2. Pause
  3. Reframe
  4. Adapt

“They are the four strategies that I have used and have helped me along the way.”

To view these strategies, you can watch the recording of Megumi Miki’s session “Accessing Calm in the Chaos here.

If you want to learn more of Megumi’s quietly powerful tips, please view her future sessions below.

Weekly Calm in Chaos Virtual Learning Groups – registration link to upcoming sessions as well as recordings of past sessions (and Paul Mischel is the person who shared ‘3 steps to chill’)

Quietly Powerful Breakfast Talk: Use your quiet nature as your leadership strength – recording of a talk specifically on Quietly Powerful Leadership

7 Tips for speaking to contribute, including in virtual meetings – video and tip sheet on speaking in meetings, including virtual meetings

Other resources:

Books including Quietly Powerful: How your quiet nature is your hidden leadership strength

Quietly Powerful LinkedIn Group, where a range of relevant articles, videos and resources are shared



Golden Key Spotlight– Kitty Hoi Yan Wong

Golden Key Spotlight– Kitty Hoi Yan Wong

Golden Key strives to encourage its members in three aspects: Academics, Leadership and Service. Kitty Hoi Yan Wong, a Golden Key member since 2017, perfectly encapsulates the values of Golden Key, and her work in Community Service has proved truly impactful to her local community. […]

Golden Key Spotlight: Caitlin Kramer

Golden Key Spotlight: Caitlin Kramer

Caitlin Kramer began studying Robotics engineering at Flinders University in 2016 and is now in her fourth and final year, with big plans for her future. Throughout her degree, Caitlin has expanded her knowledge by taking part in three overseas trips, which she says gave […]

Creating long term career value in Black Swan events like Covid-19 with Imran Furkan

Creating long term career value in Black Swan events like Covid-19 with Imran Furkan

Are you worried about the current climate facing you as an employee? Golden Key Asia Pacific recently ran a GK Talk, presented by CEO of Tresync Australia Imran Furkan, a GK member passionate about business collaboration.

Imran ran an informative GKTalk titled ‘Creating long term career value in Black Swan events like Covid-19’ which aimed to give members advice on how to conduct themselves for future employment. Black swan events are titled as such due to their extreme rarity but significant impact on a widespread level.

A poll was run at the beginning of the Webinar, to determine the main concern of our GK members during this time. Imran said historically peoples main concern has been about health, but now, while a fair number (about one third) still listed health as their main worry, there was growing concern about job security or getting a job.

“Future career prospects are the number one concern, and very legitimately so,” he said.

He urged the audience not to worry however and proceeded to share ten informative tips on how to create long term career goals in the current climate. Some of these included ‘appreciating that there has never been a better time to be alive’ and to ‘selling your under-appreciated skills and qualifications’. Imran said while people focused on the major skill they are learning; they need to remember the minor subjects they have studied as well.

“Going forward, your core area might not get you the opportunities in terms of (employment) demand, he said. “You need to anticipate, what are the career opportunities that are going to come your way, what are the industries that will take off, and where within those industries are the opportunities going to be.”

The entire talk was filled with outstanding information accessible to our GK members.

Anyone wanting to access the webinar and others presented by GK, can do so via our YouTube channel:

Overcoming your fear of interviews with Susan Hervey

Overcoming your fear of interviews with Susan Hervey

Golden Key Asia Pacific has started June with the outstanding webinar “Overcoming your fear of interviews with Susan Hervey”. The first of four sessions scheduled this month, the webinar set out to aid members in improving their interview skills. Presenter Susan Hervey is the Director of […]