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Annual Report and Media Kit


Annual Report

Golden Key is a non-profit 501(c)3 Georgia-based company. The annual reports include Academic, Leadership and Service highlights from the year identified. We would like to take the time to recognize all our supporters both on the volunteer (leadership positions are identified) and partner side (grouped by contribution). 


<< GK annual report for 2021 – COMING SOON >>


Scholarship & Awards Report

At Golden Key, scholarships and awards have always played a prominent role in our mission to recognize and promote academic achievement and excellence. Scholarships were awarded to deserving Golden Key members at our very first new member induction ceremony 37 years ago and they are a tradition that continues unabated today. Golden Key has directly provided its members with scholarships and awards in excess of $12.5 million to date. In 2016, the Society plans to award another half million dollars to its members and increase total scholarships and awards paid to more than $13 million. Our scholarship report provides detailed information about our scholarship program and a listing of the recipients.

Media Kit

We believe in the power of the press to share good news and influence others to make an impact. For a summary of Golden Key and its members’ accomplishments, the media kit is available upon request. Please contact Melissa Leitzell at [email protected].