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How to evoke admiration and interest

How to evoke admiration and interest

How would you like to be more charismatic and inspirational? It’s a tempting thought, but many of us might assume that this sort of intrigue and charm is innate and you have to be born with it to really be able to shine. Not so, according to Maura Trochessett, who is a relationship coordinator for The Siegfried Group. She recently hosted a very popular Golden Key Talks session in which she introduced us to a new way of thinking about how we maintain and develop relationships especially now, when social distancing is a reality.

Here are some of her stand out points (and you can watch the full video at the bottom of the page):

Learn the essentials of developing relationships

  • Find important character traits that you will need to maintain and develop relationships and write them down
  • Find the character traits that you admire the most with your significant others, friends, coworkers and write them down next to their name
  • Find the character ethic traits that create long-lasting relationship and write it down

Develop a relationship mindset

  • Look at the challenges in relationship as opportunities to grow together
  • Be vulnerable with people tell them what they are great at but also be honest with them is they are doing something that is not okay
  • Focus on trust and respect that people are different
  • Stay positive and focus on the good things in people and see through the negative
  • Think realistically about the effort and time it takes to develop relationships and reflect on who you want to invest this time on
  • Find time and prioritize time to nurture relationship further

Become irresistibly compelling and seriously relevant

Reflect over how you can be more irresistibly compelling and seriously relevant in your personal life and in your relationships:

  • Irresistibility compelling – this is something that comes from the heart because it evokes interests and admiration.

Examples for improvement:

  • Personal – eating better, exercising more
  • Relationship – find out another’s interest and learn about it
  • Seriously relevant – something that comes from the mind and it focuses on what is significant and verifiable. Examples for improvement:
    • Personal – keeping up with the news, reading books
    • Relationship – being a service to others

Five steps to success

  1. Identify and think about your relationships and how you want them to develop
  2. Have monthly interactions to grow any relationship you want to develop
  3. Plan and schedule a date with your relationship partner
  4. Create a follow up plan to continue being irresistibly compelling and seriously relevant
  5. Continue to build and warm relationship by asking thoughtful questions of your relationship partner

Virtual Connection Ideas

Social distancing has made it harder to develop and connect with your relationship, but here are some few ideas on how to minimize the challenge:

  • Host virtual hangouts through Zoom, Facetime, Google Hangouts
  • Use apps to enhance relationship through Marco Polo, Netflix Party
  • Share and send workouts, books, podcasts, that you can do apart but still together
  • Write a handwritten letter

Watch the full video of Maura’s recent Golden Key Talk:

This article was written for Golden Key by Julie Poulsen.