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How to create a positive mindset

How to create a positive mindset

Lonnie Mitchell is a weightless mind coach who has helped many people in creating positivity and confidence. She wasn’t always the most positive person herself until she found the key to a positive mindset which it helped her grow.

A positive mindset is not about having no dark moments or negative thoughts in your life, but it is about how you get yourself out of those moments and thoughts. This is a very hard practice that many people try to get out of through meditation, self-care, gratitude, and so forth. However, many still find themselves suffering from negativity.

Lonnie recently hosted a Golden Key Talks session (watch it below) and here are some of her top tips on how to overcome negativity:

Prime Your Mind

This starts in the morning when you wake up. What you do in the morning will set the base for your mindset the rest of the day and affect your decisions.

Do not

  • Check your phone in the morning
  • Stress about all the errands you have to run that day


  • Make an intentional 15 min morning that feeds the soul and the mind. For example:
    • Meditate for 10 min and journal for 5 min
    • Do yoga for 15 min
  • An affirmation
  • Make a great breakfast

Live Mindfully

Living mindfully is about becoming mindful of your thoughts, actions, and reactions when doing daily tasks. Notice them when you:

  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Do laundry
  • Walk your dog

To become more mindful:

  • Use the five senses technique by focusing on what you are tasting, hearing, feeling, seeing, and smelling in the moment
  • Observe where you put your focus: be careful not to get stuck in negative thoughts


Practice gratitude the right way. Gratitude is a state and not just something you do at night and write down.

  • Practice it in the moment for example be grateful the smell of morning coffee from a coffee shop when walking to work
  • Be specific for example ‘why are you grateful for your mom?’
  • Practice it!


Learning the difference between your schedule and the universe’s schedule.

  • Your schedule of getting your dream job might not line up with the universe’s schedule. The universe might be telling you two things:
  1. Not now
  2. I have something better for you

Accept what is in your control and what is not by:

  • Accepting change and flow
  • Understanding that with good times bad times will come too

The Key to Positive Mindset


To really make the change and make the positive mindset stuck, you must practice self-love. Develop self-love by giving love to others but also yourself.

How to do self-love:

  • Practice self-care: meditation, eating well, exercising
  • Practice self-validation: accept yourself for your whole human being
  • Strive for excellence not perfection
  • Set boundaries
  • Know your self-worth: like a dollar-bill, your worth is always the same even when broken

Watch Lonnie’s Golden Key Talks session on our Youtube channel now:

This article was written for Golden Key by Julie Poulsen.